extraction code is invalid how ah

Baidu cloud disk can not extract the file, click on the extraction did not respond, what happened? The extraction code is not wrong.

The extraction code is invalid, the solution is as follows:

1, first of all, open the cell phone on the “browser”, disk link paste to the browser search box, search the interface after the following chart shows.

2. Enter the extraction code for the file in the box, and click the “Extract File” button at the bottom arrow.

3, the box is the contents of the extracted file, click the lower right arrow “Save to” button, you can save the file.

4, files saved successfully, the interface is shown in the figure below, the arrow to see the file has been successfully saved to “My Resources”.

Hi, I have entered the correct extraction code for my netbook, but I can’t extract the file, what should I do? The internet speed and browser are fine, is there something wrong with the netbook?

One possibility is that the person who provided the link canceled the sharing, that is, he doesn’t want to share it anymore. The second possibility is that the sharing has a time limit, and the sharing will be canceled automatically when the time limit is exceeded. The third possibility is that the sharing of things by the disk automatic river crab, that is, the file being shared by the disk detection is considered inappropriate, blocked

The above three cases may be unable to extract the file after inputting the extraction code, that is, after inputting the extraction code to show that the file does not exist, or the sharing has been canceled. If it’s any other case you are welcome to ask!

vivox3l cell phone why use disk lost the extraction code did not respond ah


Sorry for the inconvenience! The above situation, there are the following two reasons Oh! 1. extraction code error, 2 network signal is not good caused by Oh!

Like in some tall buildings, basements, tin houses, remote mountainous areas, parking lots will affect the cell phone signal

Suggested that you try the following points:

1, change the time period and place to try.

2. Reboot your phone and try again.

3. Update the software to the latest version or uninstall it and try again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. Thank you very much for your support of our vivo, wish you a happy life!