Briefly describe what are the trends in computer

What is the development trend of computers?

The development trend of computers is as follows:

1, giant, meaning that the computer has a very high computing speed, large-capacity storage space; 2, miniaturization, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits is inevitable; 3, networking, the product of the close integration of computer technology and communications technology; 4, intelligence, so that computers can simulate human intellectual activity.

What is the development trend of computer?

Details are as follows:

The future development trend of computers is gigantic, miniaturized and networked, gigantic means that computers have very high computing speed and large storage space. Miniaturization is the inevitable development of large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits. Intellectualization means that computers simulate human intelligent activities.

1. The necessity of developing large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits. Since the introduction of the first microprocessor chip, the pace of development is increasing. The degree of integration of computer chips doubles every 18 months, while the price is reduced by half. This is Moore’s Law for the ratio of function to price in the development of information technology. Computer chips are becoming more and more integrated, complete with more and more functions, making the process of computer miniaturization and popularity faster and faster.

2. Networking is a product of the close integration of computer technology and communications technology. Especially since the 1990s, with the rapid development of Inter, computer networks in the government, schools, businesses, scientific research, families and other fields have been widely used, more and more people contact and understand the concept of computer networks.

3. Computers interconnect different computers with independent functions in different geographic locations through communication devices and transmission media. With the support of communication software, computers in the network can share resources, exchange information and collaborate with each other. The level of development of computer networks has become an important indicator of the degree of modernization of the country, and plays an extremely important role in social and economic development.

4. Computers can simulate human intellectual activities, such as learning, perception, understanding, judgment, reasoning and so on. Have the ability to understand natural language, sound, text, images, and the ability to speak, so that the human machine can use natural language to talk directly. It can think, associate and reason, and draw conclusions using existing and continuously learning knowledge. It can solve complex problems and has the ability to collect memories and retrieve relevant knowledge.

Briefly describe the trend of computer development.

1. Mega Mega refers to the development of high speed, large storage capacity and powerful supercomputers in order to meet the needs of cutting-edge science and technology. As people rely more and more on computers, especially in the military and scientific research and education on the computer storage space and operating speed requirements will be more and more high…

2. MiniaturizationWith the emergence of microprocessors (CPU), computers began to use microprocessors, so that the size of the computer is reduced, the cost is reduced. On the other hand, the rapid development of the software industry to improve the convenience of the computer’s internal operating system, computer external equipment also tends to improve. Computer…

3. NetworkingThe Internet connects computers all over the world and has since entered the Internet era. Computer networking has completely changed the world of mankind, people communicate through the Internet, communication (OICQ, microblogging, etc.), sharing of educational resources (literature access, distance learning, etc.), information access …

4. Artificial Intelligence Computer artificial intelligence is the inevitable trend of future development. Modern computers have powerful functions and operating speed, but compared with the human brain, its intelligence and logical ability is still to be improved. Human beings are constantly exploring how to make computers better able to respond to human thinking, so that computers can have…

5. Multi-media processing of traditional computer information is mainly characters and numbers. In fact, people are more accustomed to pictures, text, sound, like and other forms of multimedia information. Multimedia technology can set graphics, images, audio, video, text as a whole, so that the object and content of information processing more…

What is the future development trend of computers?

The development of computers is manifested in four trends: gigantic, miniaturization, networking and intelligence.

1, giantization.

The giantization refers to the development of high speed, large storage capacity and strong function of the giant computer. This is such as astronomy, meteorology, geology, nuclear reactors and other cutting-edge scientific needs, but also to memorize huge amounts of knowledge and information, as well as to make the computer with a human brain-like learning and complex reasoning functions necessary. The development of the giant machine focuses on the development level of computer science and technology.

2, miniaturization.

Miniaturization is to further improve the degree of integration, the use of high-performance ultra-large-scale integrated circuits to develop a more reliable quality, better performance, more affordable, more compact microcomputer.

3, networked.

Networking can make full use of the computer’s valuable resources and expand the use of computers to provide users with convenient, timely, reliable, extensive and flexible information services.

4, intelligent.

Intelligent means that the computer has the ability to simulate human feelings and thought processes. Intelligent computers have the function of problem solving and logical reasoning, knowledge processing and knowledge base management and so on.

Currently, the world where the ability to develop jumbo manufacturers, has mostly turned to the development of parallel machines or the development of vector technology and parallel technology combined with the vector processor highly parallelized system, such as vpp500. In short, the super-jumbo system structure is inseparable from the parallel processing technology, parallel machines will gradually replace the traditional vector machine. Massive parallel processing machine is at the time of the rich and strong period of time, the technology has matured, and thus have the conditions, have the basis, have the ability to take up the climb to the trillion times, trillion times, or even higher level supercomputer’s historical mission. Trillion-scale supercomputer is expected to come out this year. Admittedly, the parallel machine in the future history of development, in the course of progress, there will be many such as application software is not rich, computing efficiency is not high, high-grade on behalf of the mpp style of the actual user of the system is still very few real problems. Nevertheless, it will not affect the further development of parallel processing technology. Therefore, parallel processing technology and its products of massively parallel machine system competition is fierce, the future is bright, climbing the trillion times the historical mission of supercomputer is able to be completed as scheduled.

What are the trends in computer development?

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