Class files in java

What does .class file mean in JAVA? Is it of any use?

What is the meaning of .class file in JAVA, is it useful, solution:

Files like *.java in JAVA are source files written in java language.

After compilation will become the corresponding *.class file *.class file.

There is a compilation of the characteristics of the run everywhere (i.e., windows generated class can be run in the linux system).

Note: this *.class is not similar to *.exe such executable files can only be executed by the java virtual machine.

.class file is a compiled file of .java.

Jvm in the system only recognizes the binary encoded file of .class.

The .class file is the java program that runs on the jvm.

The cross-platform nature of java is the .class, which can run on any system’s jvm (java virtual machine).

How to reference a CLASS file in JAVA?

Yes, import can be x0ax0a This is a little more complicated x0ax0a First of all, you first look at the documentation, find out the packagex0ax0a of the two class files, such as the package is as follows: a.b.cx0ax0a Then you have to create the folder is as follows: x0aax0a — bx0a – cx0a And then put the class put in cx0ax0a2 are put after it should be able to x0ax0aShoppingCartApplication.javax0aThis java file in the javac compiler, into the a folder of the parent directory, and then go to the compilerx0ax0a———–x0a Oh x0a better do it x0a not write import x0ax0a you open your eclipse project directory, in your project path there is a bin directory, copy class to the bin directory x0a directly in the src to create your java file x0a you can run!

JAVA error appears to need “.class” how to solve?

java program is running a .class byte code file, the code needs to be written after the completion of the code is compiled, the compiled file is a .class file.

Hint: “.class” is needed, suggest to recompile and try again.