Command to change remote desktop port number

Old driver teach you the way to change Win10 remote desktop port number

Win10 system to open the remote desktop function can be dealt with and control the computer from a distance, but after opening the default port 3389, you will face a variety of scans and attacks on the network. What is the way to solve this problem? In fact, modifying win10 remote desktop port number is a good way, therefore, this article shares the old driver to teach you the way to change Win10 remote desktop port number.

Modify the steps are as follows:

1, press WIN + R, enter regedit Enter to open the registry

2, registry modify the remote desktop port (1)

HKEY_LoCAL_MACHINE\sYsTEM\CurrentControlset\Control\ Terminalserver\wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp, you will find that the right column appears [portnumber], select the right-click [modify], select for the decimal, modify to the port number you want to change. I modified to 33890.

3, the registry to modify the remote desktop port (2)

HKEY_LoCAL_MACHINE\sYsTEM\CurrentControlset\Control\Terminalserver\winstations\RDP-Tcp, the same as above! The same, modify the port number to 33890.

4, only modify the remote desktop port is not enough, you must modify the firewall remote desktop exceptions to ensure that the remote desktop inbound, the following chart for the first step of the icon, you will find that the remote desktop is gray (red boxed area), there is no way to change, you can only use the registry.

5, modify the port of the firewall remote desktop exception (1)

HKEY_LoCAL_MACHINE\sYsTEM\CurrentControlset\services\sharedAccess\Defaults\FirewallPolicy\ FirewallRules, change the value of RemoteDesktop-In-TCP which contains 3389 data to 33890.

6. Modify the port of the firewall Remote Desktop Exception (2)

HKEY_LoCAL_MACHINE\sYsTEM\ CurrentControlset\services\sharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules], the value of RemoteDesktop-In-TCP contains 3389 data to 33890.

7. Restart your computer

After restarting Win10, the port modification is complete!

After connecting to the program desktop, you can use the IP:port number to connect.

Win10 remote desktop port default is 3389, if you do not change it is easy to be scanned by hackers, in order to system security, it is best to modify the remote desktop port number.

Win7 remote desktop port how to modify

We are using the Win7 system, the system has a remote desktop function can be remote control of our computer. But this function is more likely to cause attacks, generally in order to avoid this situation we will modify the port number. The following is the method to modify the remote desktop port in win7, let’s take a look at it.

Modify the method as follows:

1, click the Win7 start menu, in the “Search Programs and Files” box, type: regedit.exe and then enter.

2, in order to expand: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp] in the expansion of the tcp after the right side of the key to find the following picture.

3, double-click on the “PortNumber”, click on the “decimal”, and then modify the “value of the key value” in the 3389, for you want to change to the port number you want.

4. Click “OK” to close the firewall after the change, and finally restart your computer to take effect.

The above introduction is about win7 modify the remote desktop port method. If you also want to modify can try the above method Oh, I hope to help you.

Windows how to set the port number for remote desktop login

You can go to the registry interface on the computer that is being logged in by remote desktop login, find the Tcp key option, and modify the default port data to the port you need. The specific settings are as follows:

1, in the need to be remote desktop login computer on the keyboard WIN and R keys, in the Run interface appears to enter regedit click on the OK button.

2, at this time in the open registry interface, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to enter, and then in turn click on the following options in the System \CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\Tcp

3, this time in the right interface, select PortNumber right-click and select modify.

4, in the modified interface appears to check the decimal, enter the required port number click OK.

5, and then in the Remote Desktop Connection login interface to enter the corresponding IP address and port data click on connect.