Computer chassis power supply price

Would a computer savvy god look at the price of this configuration god?

Approximate price range for these components.

Processor: IntelCeleronG6405 boxed version processor. This is an entry-level processor, mainly used for daily office and light applications. The price is around $300.

Memory: KST 8GB DDR42666MHz memory stick. This is an 8GB capacity memory stick with 2666MHz. price is around $300.

Storage: KSTA400480GBSATA3 SSD. This is a 480GB capacity SSD that offers faster data transfer speeds. The price is around $400.

Motherboard: the GigabyteH410M-HV2 motherboard. This is a micro ATX specification motherboard that supports 10th generation Intel processors with stable performance and reliable quality. The price is around $400.

Case + Power Supply: GreatWall Tower PC Case + Power Supply. This is an entry-level case and power supply combo that costs around $200.

Monitor: AOC24B15XH monitor. This is a 24-inch 1080p monitor with good color performance and response time. The price is around $800.

Please note that these prices are for reference only, and the actual price may vary by region, time of day, and seller, and may also be affected by market supply and demand and other factors. Therefore, you can find the latest pricing information for these components at your local electronics retailer or online shopping site.

List of $1500 computer hosting configurations (without monitor). Currently have a Kingston 8GDDR42666hz memory stick on hand. Not gaming, office use?

Here’s a suggested list of 1500 RMB computer hosting configurations that will meet your office and entertainment needs:

CPU: AMDA10-9700 for about $400;

Motherboard: GIGABYTEGA-A320M-H for about $400;

Memory: Kingston 8GDDR42666hz (on hand already);

Hard disk: Western Digital WDBlueSN550250GBM.2NVMe SSD, the price of about 300 yuan;

Power supply: the Great Wall (GreatWall) GT-400S400W power supply, the price of about 150 yuan;

Chassis: the first horse (IN-) WIN) GT1 black chassis, the price is about 200 yuan.

The total price of the above configuration is about $1,450. If your budget can be increased by $1,000-$1,500, you can consider upgrading your CPU to AMDRyzen55600G or IntelCorei5-11400, and adding a 4GB or 8GB memory stick to improve overall performance and smoothness.

How is the power supply of God’s Eagle Thirteen Roads


1, quality. Shendiao Thirteen Road computer chassis comes with a power supply outside most of the ABS material production, strong wear-resistant, very good.

2, price. The power supply that comes with this brand chassis can be purchased separately, the price of most of the 30 yuan, compared to other chassis power supply 50 yuan price, the power supply is cheaper and better.

Computer high configuration list and price, 14,000 yuan high configuration game host recommended

Nowadays, people in the acquisition of desktop computers before you have to plan to acquire what kind of equipment and price, a high equipped desktop computer game PS should be how to equip it, the computer is highly equipped with computer high equipment list and price how to fit it, then small make up into you to bring the 2017 high equipped with the list of game PS and price, for everyone to refer to.

Computer high equipped with list and price

Computer processor Intel Core i7-7740X price of 2649 yuan

Computer radiator Owl NH-U12SCPU radiator price of 460 yuan

Computer graphics card Gigabyte GTX1080G1GAMING8GDDR5 graphics card price of 4999 yuan

Computer graphics card Gigabyte GTX1080G1GAMING8GDDR5 graphics card price of 4999 yuan

Complete the list and price of the computer. Yuan

Computer motherboard MSI X299SLIPLUS motherboard price of 2999 yuan

Computer memory Corsair Avenger LPXDDR4320016GB memory price of 1190 yuan

Computer hard disk Samsung 960EVOM.2250MB SSD price of 919 yuan

Computer chassis Josper U4 silver ATX chassis chassis price of 399 yuan

Computer power supply Antec VP700P rated 700W power supply price of 499 yuan

Computer monitor users can separately free choice

Computer keypad and mouse installed users can separately free choice

Reference price of 14,114 yuan

Computer reviews

1, in the processor, free choice of Intel’s latest 7 generation of i7-7740X processor, which is based on the 14-wavelength process production, quad-core eight-threaded, the default main frequency of 4.3 Hertz, and has a 8M three-level memory, allowing you to operate the game more outstanding, complete game perfect operation, and the power of only 112W, the overall performance of the excellent, is in the year 2017, high-end game players One of the preferred display card.

2, in the display card, it is recommended GIGABYTE GTX1080G1GAMING8G display card, the back of this display card using a 3-centered design, the fan function is very outstanding, GTX1080 can be but the current performance is particularly strong one of the display card, the use of a new architecture, in the game to give you a strong visual impact, and also embraces the VR function. Let you play the game goodbye lag, special effects open, is the favorite of high-end DIY gamers.

3, in terms of motherboards, MSI X299SLIPLUS motherboards use processor overclocking to strengthen the design, has a luxurious all-digital power supply design, but also through a large number of additional power supply electronic devices to calibrate, to ensure that the computer’s components of the smooth operation of the gaming enthusiasts continue to land on the battle to provide a strong ensure that in addition to the motherboard is installed with M.2, the motherboard is also installed with M.2, which can be used in a wide range of applications, such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. In addition, this motherboard is fitted with an M.2 Frost Armor design to give your SSDs a strong fan warranty.

4, in terms of memory and hard disk free choice Avenger LPXDDR4320016GB memory 16G memory allows you to perfect operation of a variety of large-scale online games and single-player games, 250G SSD for those who are gamers, almost sufficient to cope with, so there is no need to match the mechanical hard disk.

Editor’s summary: the above is the editorial on the 14,000 yuan computer high equipment list and price recommendation, this computer high equipment list and price may be prohibitive in terms of price, but its performance is very outstanding, embracing the ultra-video, suitable for those who are gaming enthusiasts or professional graphic production of the people.

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