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Book name: Data Structures and Algorithms JavaScript Description

Author: [US]MichaelMcMillan

Translator: Wang Qunfeng

Douban rating: 6.6

Publisher: People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

Year of Publication: 2014-8

Pages: 216


With the help of this book, readers will be able to be comfortable choosing the most appropriate data structures and algorithms, and will know how to trade-off the use of them in JavaScript development. In addition, this book provides an overview of JavaScript features related to data structures and algorithms.

The main contents of this book are as follows.

Arrays and lists: the most commonly used data structures.

Stacks and queues: data structures similar to lists but more complex.

Chained lists: how to overcome the shortcomings of arrays through them.

Dictionaries: store data as key-value pairs.

Hash: good for fast lookup and retrieval.

Collections: suitable for storing elements that appear only once.

Binary tree: stores data in a hierarchical form.

Graphs and graph algorithms: ideal for modeling networks.

Algorithms: include algorithms for sorting or searching data.

Advanced algorithms: dynamic programming and greedy algorithms.



Michael McMillan

As a college teacher and programmer, has written several well-received books on data structures and algorithms, including DataStructuresandAlgorithmsUsingC#, DataStructuresandAlgorithmsUsingVisualBasic.NET, as well as other computer tutorials such as Object-OrientedProgrammingwithVisualBasic.NET, C++Programming. AnIntroction, JavaProgrammingTutorial, PerlfromtheGroundUp, etc. Michael is currently working as an instructor at Pulaski Technical College in North Little Rock, Arkansas, teaching computer information systems. He is also an adjunct instructor at the University of Arkansas at North Little Rock, where he teaches Information Science. Prior to being an instructor, he was a programmer/analyst at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where he was responsible for statistical computing and data analysis.

Biography of the Translator:

Wang Qunfeng

Born in 1981 in Sanli Village, Qiaoxi Brigade, Fuping County, Shaanxi Province, he graduated from Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology (XUET) in 2004. After graduation, he worked as a programmer and now lives in Xi’an, where he is engaged in the development of next-generation statistical forecasting software in IBM Xi’an R&D Center.

Du Huan

Taobao senior technical expert, joined Taobao in 2012, worked for Yahoo Taiwan and CISCO, has his own insights on front-end architecture, front-end and back-end collaboration, and focuses on web product design, usability implementation, and loves standardization.

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Java Language Description (English Edition – 3rd Edition) pdf download read online, seek Baidu netbook cloud resources

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Book name: Data Structures and Algorithmic Analysis

Author: MarkAllen Weiss

Publisher: Mechanical Industry Publishing House

Publication year: 2013-2-1

Pages: 614


This book is a classic foreign textbook on data structures and algorithmic analysis, discussing data structures (methods for organizing large amounts of data) and algorithmic analysis (estimation of algorithmic runtimes) using the excellent Java programming language as an implementation tool.

As computers continue to increase in speed and become more powerful, the demand for efficient programming and algorithmic analysis continues to grow. This book combines algorithm analysis with the development of the most efficient Java programs, analyzing each algorithm in depth and explaining carefully constructed programs in meticulous detail, in a comprehensive, thoughtful, and rigorous manner.

The major updates to the 3rd edition are as follows:

 Chapter 4 contains an implementation of the AVL tree deletion algorithm.

 Chapter 5 has been completely revised and expanded and now contains two newer algorithms-cuckoo hashing and hopscotch hashing.

 Chapter 7 contains coverage of basis ordering and gives lower bound proofs.

 Chapter 12 adds material on suffix trees and suffix arrays, including the linear-time suffix array construction algorithm of Karkkainen and Sanders.

 Updated code in the book to use the diamond operator in Java 7.


MarkAllenWeiss Professor and Associate Dean, Director of Undergraduate Education, and Director of Graduate Education, School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Princeton University in 1987 under the supervision of Bob Sedgewick He served as chair of the national AP (AdvancedPlacement) Exam Computer Science Subject Committee (2000-2004). His main research interests are data structures, algorithms, and pedagogy.

Data Structures (C Language Edition) pdf download read full text online, seek Baidu net disk cloud resources

Data Structures (C Language Edition) (Yan Weimin) eBook netbook download free online reading


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Title: Data Structures (C Language Edition)

Author: Yan Weimin

Douban Rating: 6.1

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

Publication Year: 2012-5

Pages: 335


Data Structures (C Language Edition) is an e-book for Data Structures (C) is a textbook for the course “Data Structures”, which can also be used as a parameter textbook for learning data structures and their algorithms in C programming.

The first half of the book discusses various basic types of data structures and their applications from the point of view of abstract data types; the second half of the book focuses on various implementations of lookups and sorts and their comprehensive analysis and comparison. Its content and chapter organization of the April 1992 publication of “Data Structures” (second edition) is basically the same, but in this book more prominent abstract data type concept. The book uses C-like language as the description language of data structures and algorithms.

Author Introduction:

Yan Weimin is a professor at the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, and has long been engaged in teaching data structures and building teaching materials. The book, co-authored with Wu Weimin, won the “National Special Prize of the Second National Excellent Textbook for Higher Educational Institutions” and the “Third Prize of the 1996 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Wu Weimin is an associate professor at the School of Computer Science, Guangdong University of Technology. He is the Secretary General of Image Graphics Branch of Guangdong Computer Society. He has been engaged in data structure teaching and series of textbook construction for a long time. Main research areas: data structures and algorithms, but computation, compilation and virtual machine technology, intelligent systems. Data Structures, co-authored with Yan Weimin, was awarded the “National Special Prize of the Second Outstanding Teaching Materials for Colleges and Universities” and the “Third Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1996”.