Domain Can’t find network path

Windows7 join domain prompted to find the network path how to solve

A lot of windows7 system users in the creation of LAN servers and add groups and users, want to join the domain, but encountered a prompt “can not find the network path”, encountered such a problem how to do it, and now gives the The first thing you need to do is to find a solution to the problem.

Reason analysis:

This failure is due to the local service “TCP/IPNetBIOSHelper service” did not start normally, because it is for the client on the network to provide NetBIOS name resolution function, allowing the client to share files, Printers and logins to the network, so this service cannot be stopped in a domain environment. (Most users may disable it when optimizing their win7 system).


1, first of all, we open the Run dialog box and then enter services.msc Enter to open the local services;

2, at this point we see that the TCP/IPNetBIOSHelper service service is indeed not started, we right-click the TCP/IPNetBIOSHelper service Select Start; (in order to prevent the download boot this service does not start, you can double-click to open the startup type to modify the “automatic”);

3, and then go back to step one, re-add the domain, this time there is no error, the client successfully added to the domain.

The above is windows 7 join domain prompted to find the network path of the detailed steps to solve, I hope the above tutorial content can help you.

Win7 computer system to join the domain failed to find the network path how to do

In the domain environment, when the client joins the domain, you may encounter the computer to join the domain failed and prompted the prompt can not find the network path of the situation. Our first thought is that the TCP/IPNetBIOSHelper service has not been opened, because it is to provide NetBIOS name resolution for clients on the network, allowing clients to share files, printers and log on to the network, so in the domain environment can not stop the service. The following Win7 system as an example explains how to solve the problem of computer join domain failed to find the network path.

1, open Start – Run, type: services.msc;

2, in the list to find the TCP/IPNetBIOSHelper service, you can see that its status is not started;

3, right-click on the service click start;

4, re-do join the domain operation, so that the client has successfully joined the domain.

The above is the Win7 computer system to solve the computer failed to join the domain prompted by the network path can not be found detailed steps. In addition, ComputerBrowser service, Server service should be kept open.

Win10 LAN can not find the network path how to do

Many partners connect win10 computer network, can not access the local area network, the system prompts 0x80070035 can not find the network path, this is how it happened? In fact, computer network problems can generally restart the computer to try, this is the easiest way, if not, we can change the network settings, a look at the following solution.

win10 LAN can not find the network path to solve the problem

1, Win10 access to the LAN computer, you can directly enter the IP address of the computer, you can also search for the shared computer in the network and click to open. But there is no pop-up window to enter username and password.

2, In addition to entering Windows credentials management in Control Panel, I can also map network drives for account and password access to the share.

3, follow the format to enter the name or IP address of the shared computer you want to access, and then check Use other credentials to connect.

4, display is connecting, wait for the pop-up window to enter the account and password,

5, enter the account and password of the computer being shared, note that this account should have access to the shared folder,

6, the same use of the IP address of the shared computer can be used, if it appears repeatedly enter the password can not log in, always prompting the user or password is incorrect (in fact, the password). The same can be said for the IP address of the shared computer, which is also used to log in.)

7, in addition, if the computer is accessed by the WindowsXP system to share files, then pay attention to the Group Policy access settings will be set to classic guest only.

8, and will be the folder tools options in the use of simple file sharing in front of the removal of the check.

9, if there are other Windows versions of the computer can first test whether the sharing is successful. Then test the access sharing in Windows 10 computer.

How to solve the problem of sharing a printer on Windows 10 when the error message “Network path not found” appears

If the error message “Network path not found” appears when you share a printer on Windows 10, it’s usually a problem related to the network sharing settings. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Check network connection: Make sure that your computer and printer are both connected to the same network and that the network connection is working. Check the network cable or Wi-Fi connection to make sure there are no connection problems.

2. Check sharing settings: Make sure you have properly configured the sharing settings for your printer. On your computer, right-click on the printer you want to share and select Properties or Printer Properties, go to the Sharing tab, and make sure that sharing is enabled and that the printer is assigned a recognizable share name.

3. Check your firewall and security software: Your firewall or security software may be blocking the sharing feature. Make sure your firewall or security software is not blocking the shared printer. You can try adjusting your firewall or security software settings to allow sharing on the computer that is sharing the printer.

4. Check workgroup or domain settings: If your computers are on a LAN, make sure all of them belong to the same workgroup or domain. This can be set in the computer properties.

5. Check network discovery settings: In Windows 10’s Control Panel, go to Network and Sharing Center, then click Change Advanced Sharing Settings to make sure network discovery and file sharing are enabled.

6. Reinstall the printer driver: If the above methods do not solve the problem, try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver. Make sure you download and install the latest driver.

7. Check network sharing permissions: Make sure you have assigned the correct sharing permissions. In the Sharing tab, you can set sharing permissions to ensure that other computers can access the shared printer.

8. Restart your router and computer: Sometimes, restarting your router and computer can solve network connectivity problems.

What should I do if I can’t find the network path when sharing on LAN?

Specifically as follows:

1, enable the guest account.

Start-control panel-administrative tools-computer management-expand the system tools-local users and groups-users, in the right side will see a GUEST user, double-click it, the account has been deactivated in front of the check cancel.

2, user rights assignment.

“Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Local Security Policy”, in the “Local Security Policy” dialog box, select the ” Local Policy – User Rights Assignment”, on the right side of the “access to this computer from the network” option, the guest user and everyone to add in; will “deny access to this computer from the network “option, you need to remove all the users who are denied access to this computer.

3. Create a workgroup.

Right-click “My Computer”—“Properties”, in the “Computer Name” tab, point “Change “button, in the following “Workgroup” text box, enter the name of the workgroup “BROADVIEW”, to ensure that each machine workgroup is the same.

4, set the shared folder.

(1) My Computer→Tools→Folder Options→View→Remove the check mark in front of “Use Simple File Sharing (recommended)”.

(2) put all the files you want to share in a folder, right-click on the folder – Sharing and Security, in the “Sharing” tab, check the “Share this folder on the network” checkbox, then the folder will be shared on the network. In the “Sharing” tab, check the “Share this folder on the network” checkbox, then the “Share name” text box and “Allow other users to change my files” checkbox become available. Users can change the name of the shared folder in the Share Name text box; if the Allow Other Users to Change My Files check box is cleared, other users can only see the contents of the shared folder, but cannot modify them. After the settings are complete, click the Apply button and the OK button.

5. Turn off the firewall.