How to center words in a word form

word form in the word how to put the word in the middle

word form in the word in the middle of the process is as follows:

Tools: Dell XPS13-9350-3708, win10, word10.0.0.166.

1, in order to use the WPSOffice software, for example, to open the Word file. Select the form needs to be set in the text part.

2, right-click on the selected text, select the form properties menu.

3, in the open table properties page, click on the top cell tab, click the vertical alignment is centered and save.

4, continue to select the part of the text that needs to be modified, click the top toolbar in the center button.

5, finally, you can see the text has been in the middle of the form, both horizontally and vertically in the center position.

Word form how to set up text centering

This video demonstrates the model: assembled desktop, applicable system: Windows 10 Home Chinese, software version: Word2019;

In the process of making a form in Word, you want to center the text, how should you do it? A look at it.

In order to facilitate viewing, we maximize the window;

Method one

After entering the Word document page, click [Insert], in the [Form], select the size of the form you want to insert, fill in the appropriate text. Selected form content, click the [Start] menu bar, in the [Paragraph] click [Center Align] button, the text will have been centered on the display;

Method two

Select the form to be centered, in the upper [Form Tools] menu bar, click the [Layout] option, and then in the [Alignment] to find and click on [Horizontal Centering], the text of our forms are [Horizontal Centering]! has been.