How to check what the local ip port is

How to view the IP and port of this machine?????

Method steps are as follows:

1, first of all, open the computer, open the computer run interface, in the run interface in the input box, type cmd.

2, and then in the pop-up interface, type ipconfig and hit the keyboard on the return to the computer’s IP address, subcodes mask, gateway information.

3, and then enter ipconfig/all in the interface and hit enter to see the computer’s IP address, sub mask, gateway information and MAC address.

4. Finally, type netstat-ano and hit enter to see the local ports.

How to view the port number corresponding to ip

The method of viewing the port number corresponding to ip is as follows:

1. Download the “LAN Viewer” software, which is a green software and does not require installation. In the text box under “Workgroup”, enter the name of your computer’s network computer ID. You can open the “System Properties” window to view the following chart. The computer name is circled in red.

4. After you enter it, click the “Refresh” button, and the list on the right will show the IP address, external IP address, internal and external ports, and work status and other related information.

5. The detailed data shown in the figure can only be viewed from the command line in Windows OS.

The port number identifies the access server. The client can find the corresponding server side through the ip address, but the server side has many ports, each application corresponds to a port number, through the port number similar to the door number, the client can really access the server;

In order to differentiate between the ports, each port is numbered, which is the port number. Ports are labeled by their port numbers, which are only integers and range from 0 to 65535.