How to get a qq chatbot

How to get the QQ robot

How to get the QQ robot, the demonstration model: Huawei Nova5pro, applicable system: EMUI10.1.0, software version: QQ8.4.5;

First of all, open the cell phone QQ, enter the group you want to set up the robot, enter the group chat box, open the upper right corner of the three horizontal lines of the logo, in the group chat settings of the page

Open [group robot], you can choose to add the robot below, click [Add], the top shows the robot has been added, in a group you can choose to add five robots, so QQ robot will be done;

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How to get qq robots

QQQ group will make the group chat rich and varied after turning on the artificial intelligence robots, so how to get qq robots, let’s take a look at it~

How to get qq robots

1, open the group chat, click on the upper right three horizontal icons.

2, click on the group robot.

3, click on the desired artificial intelligence robot behind the add button can be.

This article to opporeno6 for example applies to coloros11.3 system QQV8.8.50 version

How to get a robot in your own QQ group

To get a robot in your own QQ group, the specific steps are:

1, first of all, open the Baidu, search for CoolQ Robot, enter the official website of the CoolQ Robot, download the CoolQ Robot program;

2, and then, download the program decompression, open the CoolQ.exe application to log in with QQ;

3, enter QQ, click on QQ group robot.