How to get ip address automatically for mobile

How to set the router to get ip address automatically?

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1. Go to the cell phone system settings —- Wireless and Networks —- WIFI Settings — menu key —- Advanced —– in the IP settings below to check the “Use Static IP”

2. Under “Use Static IP Address”, fill in the following:

IP Address: (the last digit can be changed at will, the range of 0~255, such as

Gateway: (Note that here is the gateway of your router, here is the default address)

Network mask: (divided into three kinds, look at the computer in detail)

Domain name 1: (generally and above the gateway address to maintain consistency, direct access to the Internet have to be modified to the network gateway address)

Domain name 2: do not fill in (fill in the special circumstances)


After that, you will find that your WIFI is automatically reconnected after a drop, and then you don’t have to restart the router, and there will not be a “Getting an IP address” prompt all the time.

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How to set the IP address and DNS address of the wireless network connection of the cell phone to get them automatically?

Right-click Properties for Local Connection–Check “internet protocol version 4”–Properties–Select Automatically get ip address and Automatically get dns server address

Wireless Network Connection same thing!

Android 2.3 cell phone wireless network how to change the IP address to automatically obtain

Mobile phone set static IP, in the phone’s wireless and network in the point WLAN settings, and then point the four heavenly kings of the key in the three bars, select Advanced, so you can see the use of static IP selection of the item, the use of the static address after the removal of the check mark, then changed to dynamic acquisition. The solution to give points Oh!