How to import word tables into cad

how to import word form in cad

WORD form data will sometimes be used in CAD, so do you know how to import word form in cad? Here is my compilation of how to import word tables in cad, I hope to give you the answer.

The method of importing word tables in cad

Select the graphic or form you need to copy, use the “Copy” tool to copy

Switch to the CAD program, and then select “Edit”.

Select “AutoCAD Elements” to paste the drawing or table, and then select “Edit”

Switch to the CAD program, and then select “Edit”

Select “Selective Paste”

Select “AutoCAD Elements” to paste the drawing or table. Edit

Choose to paste the insertion point, the effect of the paste is as follows

The pasted lines or text can be edited directly in CAD, as shown below.

How to import word into cad

1. How to import word graphics to cad graphics

Open the need to insert the CAD drawing file.

In the CAD drawing file, click the “Tools” menu, select the “Sketch Settings”, open the “Sketch Settings” dialog box.

In the “Sketch Settings” dialog box, click the bottom left corner of the “Options”, open the “Options” dialog box.

Select the Display command bar in the Options dialog box, and click Window Elements. Color” to open the “Graphics Window Color” dialog box.

In the “Graphics Window Color” dialog box, change the color to white and click the “Apply and Close” button in the lower left corner.

Close all dialog boxes and the background of the CAD drawing becomes white.

Open the WORD document, the mouse cursor on the position of the need to insert graphics.

In WORD, click the “Insert” menu, select “Object”, open the “Object” dialog box.

In the “Object” dialog box, select the “created by the file” command line, select Browse.

Find the CAD drawing you want to insert and click OK.

2. How to import the plan of WORD into CAD

CAD, word, excel conversion between (Author: snow dream)

One, CAD drawings or tables copied to WORD, EXCEL steps

1, change the CAD system variables WMFBKGND value to OFF, so that the CAD background is transparent,

If you want to make a copy of the graphic is black and white, you can change the layer color to white inside the Layer Manager (No. 7);

2, select the graphic needs to be copied, use the “Copy “tool to copy;

3, switch to WORD or EXCEL, activate the need to paste the area, and then select “Edit”-“Paste “

4, paste the initial effect of the following chart;

5, the use of” Picture Cropping “to cut off the blank area of the graphic, and then drag the diagonal of the method of the graphic scaled to the appropriate size;

6, cropping and scaling the effect of the following chart;

7, such as graphics need to be modified, you can return to the method in the figure below to modify the CAD can be;

Copy the method to EXCEL is the same as above.

Two, WORD, EXCEL graphics or forms copied to CAD steps

1, select the graphics or forms need to be copied, with the “Copy” tool to copy;

2, switch to the CAD program. and then select “Edit” – “Selective Paste”;

3, choose to paste as “AutoCAD drawing elements “, the purpose of doing so is to paste can be edited in CAD;

4, select the paste insertion point, paste the effect of the following chart;

5, paste the lines or text can be edited directly in CAD, the following chart;

CAD to Office to add a few points: CAD map paste to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher can use this method.

1, line width – it is recommended that the use of multiple lines to set the line width, because the width of the line width paste the width of only two kinds of wide and narrow, not beautiful;

2, the proportion of the problem – if there are possible, try to use 1:1 drawing, here 1:1 is the printing ratio, that is, need to print for 10mm,

drawn into 10 graphic units, so that you can control the proportion of drawings, but also to control the line width;

3, the background color-

word how to import cad map

Summary: the use of CAD drawing, compared to use word comes with drawing tools, more convenient, while changing quickly and effectively, eliminating the need to draw the organization of the map in the manual adjustment, but many people found that the direct insertion of CAD map into the word, it is not available for editing. how to import cad map into the word? how to word? Import cad drawings? CAD drawings] cad map how to import word word how to import cad map

word in the import cad map method a

In the production process of Word documents, often need a variety of illustrations, Word drawing function is limited, especially complex graphics, Word mapping function of the disadvantage is even more obvious. Hochen CAD is a professional drawing software, vector drawing powerful, very suitable for drawing more complex graphics, with Hochen CAD draw good graphics, and then inserted into Word to produce a composite document is a good way to solve the problem, the following to introduce you to a few Hochen CAD drawings inserted into the word in the method.

Method 1: Use Hao Chen CAD’s “Output” function to output the CAD drawing as a raster image, and then insert the image into the word.

HaoChen CAD can output graphics to a variety of formats, the use of word image insertion function, you can easily insert these images into the word file.

Method 2: Use the virtual printer function of HaoChen CAD to print the CAD drawing as a picture file, and then insert the picture into word.

Method 3: Use the clipboard function to copy the HaoChen CAD drawing, and then paste it directly into word.

This method is essentially different from the first two methods, for the use of this way to paste the CAD drawings into word, when it is double-clicked, if the system is installed in the HaoChen CAD, it will be double-clicked and the drawings are automatically opened in the HaoChen CAD, so that the user can modify the original drawings, it is very convenient. The effect of double-click is shown in the figure below. Finish modifying the direct closure, word documents in the picture automatically changed.

word in the import of cad drawings method two

first open the need to export CAD drawings

then set the background color to white, so that it is easy to set up a white background and black lines in the word document graphics file, the specific operation, as shown in the figure:

and then click on OK, the overall background color is shown as white

click — — file —— output ——- pop-up dialog box to select the file type —— graphic file (*.wmf) ——– save

The mouse changes to capture the square, click on the square —– to output the region box —- enter —- complete

Open the word file, click on —- to insert the – — picture —– from the file —-

Then in the pop-up dialog box, select the graphics file to be imported — click OK

This time to see the graphic part of the imported picture is small and more blank space, how to do it?

Click the word file in the graphic editor —– crop —– to enlarge (or reduce) the graphics to the required size.

Multiple graphics can be placed in this way.

How to import the word inside the text and tables into the Tianzheng CAD inside

1, the simplest way is to select the cell from EXCEL press CTRL + C, and then go to CAD CTRL + V, so that it will be pasted in the form of OLE, it looks like a picture, double-click to return to EXCEL for editing. This way is very simple and flexible, but the print control will be more difficult, and very unattractive, and CAD background color is very different.

2, the second method is the use of Tianzheng CAD, the table function in the read Excel, first select the cell from EXCEL and then press CTRL + C, and then go to the Tianzheng CAD click on the read Excel, it will pop up whether the Y-New, N-Update window, the principle of Y-New, insert a copy of the Excel table can be.

3, at this time the added Excel table is not in the form of a picture, but in the form of CAD tables, you can edit directly in CAD.