How to open apps after turning off automatic updates

Automatic update software off how to open

To completely turn off automatic updates available in the following way:

1. Press the Win key + R key (or right-click Start – Run), open the Run window command, in the window command type “gpedit .msc”

2. In the Group Policy Editor, click Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components menu option.

3. In the Windows Components menu window, click the “Windows Update” submenu item, and then find “Configure Automatic Updates” in the configuration options on the right.

4. Double-click the “Configure Automatic Updates” option on the right, the default is not configured in the open page, if you want to turn off the automatic update feature, you have to select the “Disabled” option on the left, and then click the OK button, so you can If you want to turn off automatic updates, select “Disabled” on the left and click the OK button to turn off automatic updates.

5. If you want to resume automatic updates, set this option to “Unconfigured”.

How to turn on automatic update of Huawei phone software

You can go to Huawei App Market > My > Settings > Automatic update apps, and set it according to your needs. It is recommended to set it to auto update under Wi-Fi only.

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