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Hu Ge’s blog

1. Register for a blog account

The first thing you need to do is register for an account on Hu Ge’s blog. On the homepage of the blog, click on the upper right corner of the “Register” button, fill in the relevant information, such as user name, password, e-mail, etc., click “Register” to complete the account registration.

2. Browse blog posts

After registering, you can browse Hu Ge’s blog posts. On the blog’s homepage, you can see the latest article recommendations, and you can also find articles of interest through categories and tags. Hu Ge’s blog posts are rich in content, ranging from sharing and insights about his acting career, to discussions about public service activities and social issues, as well as some small insights and anecdotes from his life.

3. Post comments and messages

When reading Hu Ge’s blog posts, you can post your own comments and messages. At the bottom of the article, you can see other readers’ comments and messages, and you can also enter your own comments and messages in the input box and click “Post”. Hu Ge also often replies to readers’ comments and messages to communicate and interact with them.

4. Share blog posts

5. Follow Hu Ge’s blog

If you want to be the first to know Hu Ge’s latest blog posts, you can follow his blog. On the homepage of the blog, you can see the “Follow” button, click on it to follow Hu Ge’s blog. After you follow, you can receive notifications of blog updates, and you can also view your own list of followers in your personal center.

Newbie how to register self media

Newbie how to register self media

Newbie how to register self media, now there are a lot of people want to do self media, because today is the era of self media, but also a rapid development of information, a cell phone and a computer, you can let you know all the information that happens. So how do newbies register for self media?

Newbie how to register self media 1

1, open the browser to search for self media platform, click to enter, and then point to register.

2, enter the next step, we will find that we have to choose the account type, most of the newbie is personal media, so choose personal is right. But if it is not personal, you can follow the above in order to choose on it.

3, enter the page to fill in the information, we will fill in according to their own real information can be, the name and signature to be consistent with the field. It is important to note that, before choosing the field must first do a good job of positioning, the choice must adhere to the output of the content, can not be three days fishing two days sunshine net.

4, and then enter the certification page, if there is a headline, public, microblogging, or website you can click on the certification, if not there is no harm.

5, finally, the newbie can download a self-media platform APP, log in the account for a little real-name authentication.

6, note: to ensure that the registered ID card and authentication of the person to be the same, otherwise the system will not give through.

First, apply for a self media account

Application for a self media account materials needed: ID card, cell phone number, auxiliary materials: micro letter public number or blog written articles can be. If you really will not get it to buy an account to practice first, you can first familiarize yourself with how it is operated.

Second, which self-media platform higher earnings?

Penguin, Baike number, big fish number high earnings. Nowadays, they are all grabbing the cake of self media. Among these a few hundred is the highest earnings, because the newbie period to write articles have earnings. Penguin number, big fish number need to pass the trial operation to have earnings. If you are an original writer, your earnings can be doubled.

Third, how to quickly get through the novice period? How to write articles?

1, the content of the article to be original, there is no original ability to copy and paste. You can find a few articles to add or delete with their own language synthesized into an article, the original article images should also be changed, you can also on the easy to write article quality testing, to help you quickly identify the originality of the article, to create a pop-up article.

Analyze the keywords, “self-media” “self-media to make money” such weight will be very high, want to find self-media article friends can easily search your article. The platform recommended content is, according to the keywords and then match the user label recommended to the user. When your article keywords more accurate match, the more people will see, the greater the reading volume will be.

3, typographic layout, the article is generally a combination of graphics and text. Most of the content is a paragraph of text plus a picture, this will be more beautiful, but also convenient for users to read, will not feel boring and will not produce visual fatigue.

Newbie how to register self media 2

A self media account positioning

Before doing self media, must need to do a good job of positioning, such as I opened this self media to be used to do what? For example, to teach people? Do food, media form is an article or video. Usually, we will be divided into these two categories:

1, the field. (food, technology, life, education, etc.)

2. Self-media form. (articles, videos, audio, etc.)

Choose the field you are good at to do, if you are not good at it and are very interested in it, then you may want to go to look at and learn more about some of the predecessors, such as the platform of some high-quality authors of the video and articles, and do more of this accumulation of knowledge.

Second, the self media account registration

Usually, choose more than one platform to register, choose the mainstream platforms such as headlines, Zhihu, microblogging, hundreds of penguin and penguin, etc., register four or five no problem at all, the early stage of the no fans and no traffic, so you need to go to the exposure of their own, to let other people notice you, and to build up the fans, and build up the popularity.

Third, what content?

1, send their own field

2, send hot is related to their own

Do the field of vertical this one is very important, when the beginning to determine a field can not easily change. Because when the fans pay attention to you that he wants to see is this aspect of you, you suddenly released something else, it is easy to cause the powder. And not only do not get the recognition of the fans, the platform is the same. The flow will be very low, not conducive to the development of the station good later.

Fourth, when to go?

When to send content, in fact, no one can say an accurate time, but from some of the big data as well as the basis of the explosive article, we can summarize some of the laws, a week’s time, the Friday release of the reading of the playback is greater than the reading of all the days because of the weekend everyone has more time to spare, and according to the statistics, every day between 7:30-8:30, 12:00-14:0019 :00-22:00 these three time periods. That is to say, if an article in the Friday 19:00:22:00 this time period release, the chances of appearing explosive text is very high.

Newbie how to sign up for self media 3

First, recognize yourself

What type of self media I want to do, what field? Is it knowledge sharing, or food entertainment, or military sports? This is what we call positioning!

The positioning has, we have to choose what platform? Is it a separate platform? Or multi-platform distribution? Choose a good platform is very important.

What are my user groups? What is the age group? Male and female? What occupation? What identity? These can be our food and clothing in the future!

What are the advantages of your sharing? What is the value output to let others to pay attention to you? Without attention, there are no fans, there is no traffic. So be sure to confirm the direction of your value output!

Second, since the media from the number, account application

The number, is what we call the account application, if we do multi-platform distribution, then each platform to register an account, for newcomers, it is recommended to focus on doing one or two platforms, greedy more than bad! When we do it up in the late hand, and then consider the whole network platform matrix.

When we start the number, we need to pay attention to the place is, whether it is the avatar nickname, or personal introduction, should be around the core of our cash to set, and their value output echo. A high-definition avatar, a distinctive personality `profile, and an independent and idiosyncratic nickname can all add a lot of color to the account. These profiles are best determined first to fill in, do not change frequently.

Third, get creative material

On the creation, either their own original, or pseudo-original. The so-called pseudo-original, is to learn what others do, and then create works according to their own ideas. For most newcomers, original works are a bit difficult, we can consider the pseudo-original. Get these pseudo-original material, is the major platforms, and their related fields of the work of the big names, we learn from their work, not only to improve their cognitive ability, a long time down the line, the level of our own creative works, but also some great improvement!

Fourth, the content production optimization

The material has, is the specific content production and optimization. A good title can trigger the reader’s desire to watch.

The value of the content is a must, the main thing to pay attention to here is the layout and style, the formation of their own unique style of work, but also readers pay attention to you as an important factor! About typography, the best combination of graphic, paragraph staggered, the focus of well-organized, the guide language silent …… which all need to be in the subsequent creation, carefully polished.

Fifth, the back-end maintenance

The back-end maintenance, is a very important part of the media, but many newcomers do not pay attention to this aspect. Do a good job of maintaining fans, which is closely linked to our subsequent earnings. Ensure that the work of the continuous update, do a good job of interacting with the fans, deal with the demands of the fans, these are the content of the back-end of the maintenance, only the back-end of the maintenance of a good job, we can improve the stickiness of the fans, and the follow-up to the continuous improvement of earnings.