How to set desktop shortcut icon for Baidu

Cell phone Baidu desktop shortcuts how to set

oppo cell phone to add desktop shortcuts need to be in the cell phone settings – desktop and lock screen magazine – application shortcuts in the editing settings, the specific operating steps are as follows;

1, will be their oppo cell phone to boot, and then in the desktop of the phone to find “settings”.

2, into the settings interface, in the settings to find the desktop and lock screen magazine, and then select “desktop and lock screen magazine function”.

3, into the desktop and lock screen magazine, and then select the “application shortcuts” function.

4, into the application shortcuts interface, you can see below the desktop many apps software, this time to open the application shortcuts to the right of the button.

5, after setting up the interface above, if you want to set up an app, edit, you can directly long press the corresponding app icon on the desktop, and then the prompt will appear.


The first step: download the software “Baidu Mobile Guard”, and in the main menu to find the Baidu Mobile Guard click to open.

Step 2: Find and click “Toolbox” in the menu bar, and the toolbox page will appear.

Step 3: Click on “Shortcuts” in the toolbox interface to open the shortcut page.

Step 4: Click on the icon of the shortcut you want to create, and the “Send to Desktop” box will appear.

How to put Baidu on desktop

Question 1: How to put Baidu on desktop? The easiest way: first you use IE to enter Baidu, and then point the browser File → Send → Desktop shortcut.

Question 2: How to add Baidu to the desktop Baidu is a search engine itself can not be added to the desktop, but you can download a Baidu Browser or set up an existing browser to Baidu as the main page can be done, the specific operation is as follows: 1, the Internet search “Baidu Browser,” preferably in the official website! Download preferably; 2, in the existing browser to set the home page of the steps are Cheetah browser, for example, open the toolbar in the “Tools”, select “Set Home Page”

In the “Add New Page

So that as long as you open the browser is Baidu search, and you ask the question is the same effect, just place the shortcut to the browser on the desktop can be added to the desktop of the browser in the following steps:

Win7 system, open the Start menu, select Programs, find the browser right-click and choose to add to the desktop shortcut can be;

win8 system

Win8 system, click the start menu, select all applications, find the browser right-click and select the fixed to the taskbar can be;

Question 3: How to put Baidu on the desktop in accordance with the following operation, you can complete the “Baidu one” directly to the desktop:

One, open any A browser, and to find or directly open the Baidu search page, the following picture is ready to open the Baidu search page of a web page hyperlink icon.

Second, right-click on the words “Baidu, you will know” will appear in the drop-down menu, in this menu, click on the “Create Shortcut…” button to create the operation. button in this menu to create a shortcut.

Three, this will pop up a shortcut to create a small window, the window will have: desktop, “Start” menu, fixed on the taskbar, the three buttons can be ticked as needed, and then click the bottom of the “Create! “button.

Four, then you can go back to the desktop, directly to see a “Baidu, you know” Baidu icon, then you can double-click it directly into the Baidu search page; to create a Baidu Express way is so simple, fast.

Question 4: How do I put the Baidu icon on my desktop? Do you mean Baidu hi or what? Baidu hi direct download can be, if you say is the browser of Baidu, you directly in the browser is good ah, I have not heard of Baidu icon.

Question 5: How to get Baidu to the desktop “to get to the desktop” there are two understandings

1. build a shortcut on the desktop: desktop right click – new – shortcut, the pop-up dialog box. shortcut, the pop-up dialog box “Please type the location of the item” here enter the URL you want to access, and then the next step to the shortcut to give a name, complete.

2, in the desktop directly display Baidu’s page: right-click on the desktop – Properties, in the “Desktop” tab, “Customize Desktop” –Web tab inside, “New”, in the dialog box, enter the page you want to display, and then click OK. An ActiveDesktop confirmation box may pop up. (Here you can choose to lock the web page on the desktop.) Then you can always finish the process by clicking OK, and then you can display a web page on the desktop.

Question 6: How to put the Baidu search engine on the desktop with Internet Explorer to open the Baidu home page, and then add the Baidu home page to the favorites,

and then organize the favorites, copy the Baidu home page shortcut to the desktop can be.

If it helps you~ please take it in time~

Question 7: How to put the web page on the desktop This is good. Two methods will work.

1. Add it to your favorites, then drag the icon of the web page in your favorites to your desktop by left-clicking and dragging it to your desktop.

2. computer desktop right-click – new shortcut – please type the location of the project (here write the URL for example:) Next – type the name (Baidu) OK!

Personally, I think it’s better to add it to your favorites, or use opera’s kind of web preview.

Question 8: How to put the Baidu link to the desktop 1: Go to the Baidu home page, and then click on the toolbar on the Favorites – Add to Favorites – Links folder

2: Open my computer C: \DocumentsandSettings\Administrator\Favori Administrator\Favori nailed es\ link

Find the icon dragged to the desktop on it

Question nine: how to set a web page shortcut to get to the desktop to go to the site first to add the site to the favorites, this should be it, that is, the web page you want to save the web page, there is a yellow five-pointed star on top of the web page, you point it, the computer’s The left side will come out of a slip, the top one is to add, one is to organize, you click to add on it, then it will appear below, and then use the mouse to select him, point the right button – send – to the desktop shortcut, done!

Question 10: Baidu search how to put on the desktop please use the following method of operation:

1, open the program.

2, open Baidu search.

3, find press the icon, drag, move to the desktop is OK.