How to set network ports for TV static ip

Home network TV with a static ip how to use

Network TV static IP address settings are as follows:

①The TV through the network cable connected to the router or switch

② check the switch or router assigned to the IP network segment, such as 192.168.0.X

③Open the TV settings – & gt; network settings – & gt; set static IP

1), IP 192.168.0.X (2 ~ 254) It is recommended to choose a larger number, such as 100 ~ 200 which will be used to set the static IP address. gt; set static IP

1), IP: 192.168.0.X (2~254) It is recommended to choose a larger number, such as 100~200, which is not easy to cause IP address conflicts

2), subnet mask:

3), the default gateway:

Save the settings should be through the TV. p>Save the settings and you should be able to access the internet through the browser or other apps on your TV.

1, the remote control point to the system interface at the bottom of the “Settings” into the point of settings in the “network”

2, in the network, select “wireless network”, the remote control point to go in. The remote control will be clicked on.

3, select the wireless network you have connected, here is the choice of “guoguo”, the remote control point in, and then select the “IP acquisition mode” there, the current display is “automatic”, point the remote control point in the “Network” in the settings

2, in the network, select “Wireless Network”, the remote control point in. The current display is “Auto”. Tap the right arrow key of the remote control, and “Auto” will become “Manual”.

4, IP acquisition mode to manual, you can set up a static IP, the remote control to select the lower IP address, point in, you can change. Subnet mask, network management, DNS are changed accordingly, after the change, press OK on OK.

TV’s hostname port settings

1, first prepare a network cable, one end of which is plugged into the network port of the TV set, and the other end into the LAN entrance of your home router.

2. Secondly, start the TV set to enter the main interface of Internet TV, point the remote control to the TV set, press the menu button of the remote control to find the system settings, and press the confirmation button to enter.

3, then enter to find the cable network settings and press the confirmation button, enter to set the TV set to automatically obtain the IP address.

4, and then set up, the TV will automatically detect and recognize the network signal input from the network interface, and obtain the IP address assigned by the router.

5. Finally, after the TV gets an IP address, users can use the TV to surf the Internet or watch Internet TV programs.

How to set up a static IP after connecting cable broadband to the router

1, enter the router.

Open the browser – enter (general router address is this or check the login information on the back of the router) into the router – enter the user name, password, (the default is generally admin);

2, in the [network parameters] – [WAN settings], wan port connection type select [static ip], enter the ip of the Internet, subnet mask, gateway, dns to access the Internet.

TV Wired Network Connection Setup

First, make sure you have a wired network connection device (e.g., a router) that corresponds to your TV.

1. Plug the network cable between the wired network connection device and the TV into the LAN port on the device.

2. Locate the Menu button on the TV, usually located on the remote control. Click on the Menu button and then select the Settings option.

3. In the Settings menu, find the Network Settings option. Click on it to go to the network settings page.

4. On the network settings page, select the wired network connection option. This will initiate the connection process between the TV and the network device.

5. The TV will start searching for nearby network connections. Wait for a few moments until a list of available network connections appears on the TV screen.

6. Select the name of the network you want to connect to from the list and enter the password (if required).

7. Click the Connect button and the TV will try to establish a connection to the selected network.

8. Wait for the TV’s connection to the network to complete. Once it is complete, a message that the connection was successful will appear on the screen.

Now, your TV is successfully connected to the wired network. You can download and use a variety of online video and gaming applications through the App Store on your TV. In addition, you can access your TV’s settings page over the Internet for other configurations, such as updating software, changing display settings, and so on.

To summarize, the process of setting up your TV’s wired network connection is relatively simple; just follow the steps above.