How to use word tables

Word in the form of commonly used practical skills

Word is often used in the workplace is often used in the use of software, in the process of using this and that kind of problem, now on the work of some of the small problems encountered in the usual share with you.

One, how to select Word in the oversized form:

In the operation of the word will encounter a lot of forms, the form of editing the need to first form, for some of the form is not big, it is very easy, but sometimes the form is very large, and how all the forms will be selected? I believe that in the actual use of a number of partners will encounter similar problems.

Select the large form is not as simple as a small form, you can directly drag the mouse method, but also can not find the form of the handle, so you can not use the direct click on the handle method of selection, so here are several other practical method of selecting a large form of methods:

1, the function of the menu method: the cursor to the form of any location, click the “Form Tools”, in the “Form Tools” click “Layout”, in the “Layout” menu click “Select the side of the small triangle”, there will be a drop-down menu click on the “Selected Forms” can be selected from the oversized form. The following chart:

Is it very simple? Quickly open the computer to try it.

2, the keypad method: this method is very simple, hold down the “Alt” key + keypad on the number “5” key (provided that the keypad must be locked state, that is, the keypad on the “NumlLock” key indicator does not light up the case). The “NumlLock” key on the keypad is not illuminated. By the way, if you’re using a Mac, you may not be able to select it, because the shortcut keys are set differently on Macs.

3, Alt + double-click: This method is also relatively simple, the cursor is positioned in any cell, hold down the “Alt” at the same time as the double South China Sea left mouse button, you can select all of the large form.

Two, often encountered in Word form more than the border of the paper, so that in the print will not print a complete form, will make the information is incomplete, then you need to narrow some of the form, so that you can see all the forms, the following to share with you commonly used methods:

1, the following table out of the right of the paper border, indicating that the width of the table exceeds the width of the paper, then you can adjust the size of the sheet, the default word paper is vertical, then you can adjust the direction of the paper for the horizontal on it, as follows:

Click the “Layout” tab, click on the “paper”, click on the “small triangle under the direction of the paper”, and then you can see all the common methods. direction of the small triangle”, click “horizontal”, see if you can see the entire form it. But this method in only one page of the document is good, if the document has a lot of pages in the case with this is not very good, will lead to the document in the form of misalignment phenomenon.

2, the width of the form to the appropriate location, method: the mouse to the form of any cell, right-click the mouse, in the dialog box that comes out, select “Form Properties”, in the “Form Properties” dialog box. You can see the form of the width of more than the width of the paper (the default width is 21CM), then you can adjust the width of the form, you can display the normal form.

Open the computer to try it.

Today we share this, I hope to help you.

word form shortcut tips word form shortcut tricks

1, shortcut keys to adjust the method: when editing the Word form, if you want to adjust the column width of the form, you can use different shortcut keys to achieve rapid adjustment.

(1) hold down the Ctrl key while dragging the form line: in the adjustment of column width, hold down the Ctrl key, to the left or to the left and right when dragging the form line, the right side of the form column width will automatically be adjusted on average.

(2) Drag the table line while holding down the Shift key: When you press the Shift key and drag the table line to the left or right, only the left column width will be changed, while the right column width will remain unchanged.

(3) Holding down the Alt key while dragging a form line: Press the Alt key and drag the form line to the left or right, the column width scale will appear at the top of the page and will only change the column widths to the left and right of the current form line.

2, the mouse to adjust the method: In Word, if you want to adjust the size of the form, you can use the mouse to quickly adjust.

(1) to adjust the size of the entire form: the mouse will be placed in the lower right corner of the form of hollow square, when the mouse cursor into a two-way arrow mark, hold down the left mouse button and drag, you can change the size of the entire form.

(2) to adjust the size of a cell: the mouse cursor will be placed in the cell on the left side of the form line, when the cursor becomes a black solid arrow, click the mouse to select the cell, and then hand-dragging the form line, you can adjust the size of the cell.

(3) double-click the form line to adjust the size: move the mouse cursor to the right side of the form line needs to be adjusted, when the mouse cursor becomes the shape of a cross, double-click the left mouse button.

3, automatic adjustment method: Word provides us with automatic adjustment of the form of the method, including automatic adjustment of the form according to the content, according to the window automatically adjusts the form and fix the width of the three adjustment methods, they have what role? The following will be introduced to you respectively.

(1) according to the content of the automatic adjustment of the form: as the name suggests, the application of the function, according to the content of the text in the cell and automatically adjust the size of the form. Select the entire form, click [Form Tools] – [Layout] – [Cell Size] group “Auto-Adjust” button in the pop-up menu, select “according to the content of the automatic adjustment of the form” command.

(2) according to the window automatically adjust the form: the application of this feature, Word will be based on the size of the current page of the document to automatically adjust the size of the form, so that the form and the page width. Similarly, when the inserted form beyond the page display area, the right side of the form will not be able to see the content, at this time, you can also use the “window automatically adjust the form” function to adjust.

(3) fixed column width: Fixed column width refers to the width of the form is fixed, not because of the form of how much text is entered and any change. When the table for the application of fixed column width” function, the length of the text entered in the cell over the width of the column will be automatically line feed.

In the “word” document to insert the form of which methods?

Method 1: open word document, in the menu bar in turn [Forms] – [Insert] – [Forms], in the dialog box that comes out, we enter the number of columns to add the table width, fixed column width, OK.

Method 2: open a word document, in the toolbar there is a form of the icon button click out, you need to option column widths, click on it.

Method 3: open word document, in the menu bar in turn [Forms] – [Drawing Forms]. In the out of the tool box, select the parameters you want to set up, and then in the blank space directly to the mouse to pull, you can draw the form you want.

Method 4: open word document, in the menu bar in turn [Forms] – [Forms automatically apply formatting]. Then out of the application format, select your favorite kind. Click on the choice of that format, you can see in the preview of what kind of form. Then click [Apply].

Method 5: open word documents, in the toolbar there is an excel icon button, click to appear for you to choose the number of column widths, click OK. After determining the appearance of the excel form shown in the figure below, then you can edit the data in the form, you can also change the size of the form, the method of use and excel is almost the same.

I, Word’s main functions and features

What you see is what you get. Users with Word software to organize the document, making the print effect on the screen at a glance.

2. Intuitive interface. Word software interface is friendly, provides a colorful tools, the use of the mouse can complete the selection, layout and other operations.

3. Multimedia mixing. Word software can edit text graphics, images, sound, animation, you can also insert information produced by other software, you can also use Word software to provide drawing tools for graphic production, editing art, mathematical formulas, to meet the user’s various document processing requirements.

4. Powerful tabulation function. Word software provides a powerful tabulation function, not only can be automatically tabulated, can also be manually tabulated. Word’s form line automatically protects the form of data can be automatically calculated, the form can also be modified in a variety of ways. In Word software, you can also directly insert the spreadsheet. Word software to create forms, both easy and beautiful. Both fast and convenient.

5 Parking function. Word software provides a spelling and grammar check function to improve the correctness of the English article editing, if found grammatical errors or spelling errors. Word software also provides suggestions for corrections. When editing a good document with Word software, Word can help users automatically prepare a summary for the user to save a lot of time barging. Auto-correct function for the user to enter the same characters, provides a good help, the user can define their own character input, when the user to enter the same number of characters, you can define a letter to replace, especially in the Chinese character input, the function of the user’s input speed is greatly improved.

6. templates and wizard function. Word software provides a large number of rich templates, so that the user in editing a certain type of document, you can quickly establish the appropriate format, and Word software allows users to define their own templates for the user to establish a special need for the document to provide an efficient and fast method.

7. rich help function. Word software help function is detailed and rich, Word software to provide the image and convenient help, so that the user encountered problems, to find ways to solve the problem. Self-study for the user to provide a convenient.

8. Web tools support. Internet is today’s most widely used computer applications, one of the most popular, Word software provides support for the Web, the user according to the Web Page Wizard, you can quickly and easily create a Web page (often referred to as web pages), you can also use the word software Web toolbar, quickly open, find or browse a variety of documents, including Web pages and web documents.

9. Super compatibility. Word software can support many formats of documents, documents can also be edited in Word to other formats of the document on disk, which provides a great convenience for the Word software and other software information exchange. Word can edit mail, envelopes, memos, reports, Web pages, etc. 10. Powerful print function. Word software provides a print preview function, with a strong support for printer parameters and configurability.

Forms in office documents are often used, because it is concise and clear, is one of the most illustrative form of expression. Word for the production of forms provides many convenient and flexible tools and can be produced to meet the various requirements of the form.

Second, in the WOrd document to insert a common form

1. Use the menu to create a form. First of all, the cursor is positioned in the text to be inserted into the location of the form, and then click the “Form” menu in the “Insert” option in the “Form” command. On the screen pop-up “Insert Forms” dialog box, in the dialog box, “Form Size” project fill in the number of rows and columns, click “OK” button.

2 with the tool button to insert the form. Other steps with the menu to create a consistent form, only need to position the cursor, click the “common” toolbar in the “Insert Form” button.

Three, in the WOrd document to insert Excel tables

Excel and Word with Microsoft’s Office series of office components, it has a powerful form of production, processing data, analyzing data and other functions, so when it comes to a more complex form with Excel to make it more convenient. But Excel in the word processing functions are not as powerful as Word. So in the case of ordinary documents nested in complex forms. We can use Excel to help Word processing form.

Creating Excel tables in Word documents can not be updated. In Wanfang data Word document can be directly inserted into the Excel table, the method is to first put the cursor the disadvantages of this method: is that each time you open the document will pop up a dialog box to locate the text will be inserted into the location of the Excel table, and then click on the “commonly used” box needs to be decided whether to update the use of the user to cause trouble. And if the toolbar in the “Insert MicrosoftExcel Worksheet” button, update the document, each time you close the Word document will ask you whether to save. Another cursor will appear at an Excel worksheet, editing methods and in the Ex – a disadvantage is that, if the Excel file content is too large, it is directly linked to the eel in the same. All of the Excel file, when dealing with more trouble.

2. Insert in the Word document can update the data Excel table. On the other note: that link to the Excel document do not delete, face the effect of the method of insertion of Excel worksheets and ordinary forms similar to the deletion of the work will not be able to edit or update the contents of the, although the last guarantee on the energy is not very powerful, many data summary, analysis, processing and other functions of the storage of things are still there. After a simple test, Excel to change the file name, move and other operations do not have, so sometimes we still need to work for very complex forms, will not affect the word document automatically updated.

How to draw a table with WORD?

The first method

Open a Word document, and then click on the table, in the drop-down directly with the mouse to select the number of table rows and columns can be.

The second method

1. Again, click on the Insert menu bar, and select Insert Form below the table.

2. Then in the pop-up Insert Form, fill in the number of rows and columns to be inserted can be.

The third method

Also click on the Insert menu bar below the table, and then select the sub-menu inside the drawing form, directly hold down the mouse to draw.


MicrosoftOfficeWord is a word processor application from Microsoft.

It was originally written in 1983 by Richard Brodie for IBM computers running DOS. Subsequent versions ran on AppleMacintosh (1984), SCOUNIX and MicrosoftWindows (1989) and became part of Microsoft Office.

Word gives users tools for creating professional and elegant documents, helping them save time and get elegant and beautiful results.