How to write about web front-end development trends

The future trend of web front-end development

Today I want to share with you an article about the future trend of web front-end development.Web front-end development is one of the several popular industries in these years, due to its easy to get started, the related practitioners can get a higher salary and benefits, as well as a huge demand for talent. Make a lot of people choose to join the ranks of Web front-end technology, of course, to see this industry is flourishing at the same time, there is no shortage of people with a sense of worry about the future of Web front-end development. After all, the speed of the Internet is very fast, all kinds of language update speed is also a day faster than a day, like before the C language derived from the C + + and Java and currently from the occupancy rate, the latter two have been realized with the C language to go hand in hand.

So what changes will occur in Web development in the next few years? What are the changes in the skill sets of practitioners? The enterprise demand for talent will have what tendency?Web front-end products will show what development trend? Below to take a look with the editor!

1, the entrance of the application will be small program

Similar to Tencent, Ali, DDT, the United States as the entrance of the application, will go to create a set of their own small program system, so that it passes through their own APP.

The main reason: at present, the major mainstream applications have been bloated, coupled with the low efficiency of the native development iteration, the introduction of HTML and the inability to achieve high performance. By adopting a program similar to applets, we can not only take advantage of the development model accumulated by HTML over the years, but also cull a large number of APIs that are not normally used, thus achieving the effect of reducing the complexity of rendering pages.

2, Web front and back-end integration fully integrated into the full-stack development

In fact, such a trend as early as many years ago in the harbinger, the development of Node.js technology has been to the front-end development of a good start, both front-end personnel to understand the details of the HTTP protocol, but also to understand the conventional API development. The back-end that understands the HTTP protocol will also be able to master front-end development because of the maturity of the development model of the three major frameworks, which will evolve into full-stack development.

What will be the changes in the skill composition of Web front-end developers?

1, TypeScript will take over the JS world

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, JS added static type checking, this key feature is welcomed by many programmers, a lot of errors can be found at compile time, rather than leaving it to runtime, which also makes having static types makes it much easier to read, modify, and refactor existing code.

Looking at Google’s iterative program evolution trends, TypeScript is a technology that is currently booming. In addition to this, many frameworks already support TypeScript, and it is expected that by the end of 2020, TypeScript will have evolved to become the preferred choice for new commercial projects. By the end of 2025, the number of programmers programming with TypeScript on a daily basis will far outnumber those using regular JavaScript.

2. Alternatives to JS will grow steadily

There are two types of alternatives to JavaScript, a JavaScript dialect such as TypeScript, Dart, Coffeescript, and so on, and a non-JavaScript dialect such as ClojureScript, ReasonML, and Elm, which are compiled to JavaScript for execution, but they provide a different experience than JavaScript.

What is the future market outlook for Web front-end development?

1, the demand for talent continues to maintain high growth

2, the employment of high salary

In general, for fresh graduates, a monthly salary of 5-6K is very common phenomenon. At the same time, Web front-end software engineers belong to the generality of the talent, making it not subject to the limitations of the industry development, the same is not subject to age and physical strength, and will be with the rich experience, the value of the growth.

What are the trends in web front-end development? How many do you know?

Today I want to share with you the article about Web front-end development trends? You know a few? People familiar with front-end development should know that in recent years, a variety of front-end frameworks are emerging, H5 development mode is also becoming more and more popular, and the era of the big front-end has also arrived.

Every year a variety of front-end technology also came into being, quickly master the latest front-end technology is also an indispensable skill for every developer. Today, we will talk about 8 trends in Web development, and hope to bring you some useful information. Here to take a look with the editor!

1, Intelligent Chatbot Chatbot

Intelligent chatbots provide a new channel for user communication and service delivery. It is also known as an intelligent agent as it usually integrates artificial intelligence technology.

With AI, all customer questions and concerns can be addressed in the best possible way, greatly improving customer service efficiency and satisfaction. Over the next few years, intelligent chatbots Chatbots for websites, especially transactional ones, will become popular globally for the simple reason that it increases conversion rates.

2. Single-page websites

In the next few years, many web development trends will actually be based on the two basic principles of speed and convenience.

In the near future, people with no programming experience will be able to easily develop beautiful and easy-to-use websites for your business through specific design and development tools. The user experience is very important to the concept of a single-page Web site, and in the next few years, with the addition of new Web standards and animation effects, fast Web products like single-page Web sites will be very popular.

3, progressive Web applications

APP beyond the web is the main reason for better performance, functionality and experience, and progressive Web applications (Progressiveweb

apps) is the goal is to provide a product experience close to APP. Progressive web apps offer the same features as mobile apps, such as offline support, with the advantage of being available everywhere, without the need to download from the App

Store or PlayStore app stores.

While progressive web apps are still browser-independent, they are suitable for all users because they are built and improved based on open web standards, a cross-platform and hot-iterative attribute that makes web apps much more attractive than closed app development in a highly uncertain market environment.

4, Web Development for the Internet of Things

We are entering a new era of front-end web design, where websites need to be designed with smart device functionality in mind. The Internet of Things will take e-commerce web design to the next level.

IoT Web development came into being with the Web-based management of traditional software management, in order to manage traditionally controllable smart devices through Web-based means, to demonstrate and control the technology of these smart devices through the medium of the Web, and to control these smart devices to accomplish things that are not easily accomplished by humans, although at this point in time that is still relatively far away.

5, multimedia interactive long reading

Fast reading era is nearing its end, more and more users began to favor high-quality long content, here the long text, not a long speech, but by multimedia video images and interactive elements, text refined layout exquisite long content. The future of long content interaction design will facilitate the user can easily jump and mark from the content.

6, Java framework

Java framework will maintain its dominance. More and more Web developers are using Java frameworks because it is easier and more suitable for developing a variety of features.

More and more Web developers are using Java frameworks to create cleaner, more responsive, error-free sites. Closures, callbacks, RAILS, and other features can be implemented in a fast and reliable way.

7, static site generator

Static site generator for the development of simple text-based archive-type site. In many cases, the use of static Web site generator to create static Web site with faster loading speed, better security, traffic management is easy to several advantages.

8, blockchain Web development

Blockchain is landing stage, the first thing that needs to be solved is the blockchain application of the accessible problem, and Web3.0 technology will be open to the blockchain (similar to WeChat, Facebook, such a closed system obviously will not be disruptive third-party blockchain developers mercy), Opera has even been can’t wait to launch a blockchain browser. In the future there will be more and more web products integrating blockchain applications (e.g. wallets and Dapps) Security and browser compatibility will be key concerns for blockchain web development.


Website web development technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Single-page websites and progressive web applications have emerged over the years and have gained immense popularity. subsequent improvements in Java and PHP

7 have also had a positive effect, and these will dominate the trends in web development.

How to describe the development prospects of web front-end development

What is the prospect of web front-end development, let’s take a look:

Web front-end development is in steady demand, and the prospect is considerable.

1.Web front-end development market is hot and enduring, the demand for talent is always huge, and the opportunities are always stable.

2. Web front-end development salary changes in an upward trend, and itself will be enhanced with the development experience, the future is bright.

4. Web front-end development has a good future. With the arrival of the 5G era, new development scenarios will emerge in the mobile Internet field, and new development needs will inject new vitality into Web front-end development.


What is Web front-end development

Web front-end is mainly involved in the user can browse through the browser and the use of the Web interface.Web front-end development is through the writing of HTML, CSS and JS code, is responsible for the creation of the Web interface to the user to achieve the correct display of the website in customer service end and interactive functions.