It won’t run as an administrator.

Why can’t I run my files as an administrator?

In Windows 10, some files or folders may not have the “Run as administrator” option, which is usually due to the file’s permission settings or User Account Control (UAC) restrictions. Here are some possible causes and solutions for this issue:

File permissions: Some files or folders may have restrictive permission settings that prevent the Run as administrator option. You can try changing the permissions of the file or folder to allow administrator access and operation.

Right-click the file or folder and select Properties.

On the Security tab, click the Edit button.

In the Permission Settings window, select your administrator account and make sure that you grant Full Control permissions to that account.

Confirm the changes and close the window.

User Account Control (UAC) Settings: If your User Account Control setting is high, it may limit the display of the Run as Administrator option.

Open Control Panel and select User Accounts.

Click the Change User Account Control Settings link.

Select a lower setting in the slider, such as “Never notify” or “Notify only when computer changes”.

Click OK to save the changes.

Click OK to save the changes.

Why there is no option to run as administrator

Computer as a device that is often used now, in fact, there are a lot of operations are not so familiar with, for example, why there is no option to run as administrator? Now to give you details:

The computer, for example, did not run as administrator option because it is disabled, the solution is as follows:

windows computer

1, right-click on the desktop of the computer, “Computer” to open the “Management” menu. Management” menu.

2, open the computer management in order to expand the “local users and groups” – users.

3, double-click to open the properties of administrator administrator account.

4, cancel the “account is disabled”, do not disable the administrator account.


1, click System Preferences, click the lock in the lower-left corner, and enter the administrator name and password. Other users to enable the administrator root user must know the administrator account password to do so.

2. Click Login Options here, select Join, and click Login Utility Directory here.

3, click again on the small lock in the lower left corner, enter the administrator account as well as the password, and then click on Edit on top of the menu to enable root here.

4. Click on Edit and choose to disable the account and that’s it. If you want to switch to a different user, then click logo here, log out of the guest user, and then click another user to log in.

What to do if you can’t open certain programs with administrator account on Win10 instead

If you are logged in with administrator account on Windows 10 but can’t open certain programs, it may be because these programs require higher privileges or permissions to run. Here are some possible solutions:

Use Compatibility Mode: Try running the program using the program’s compatibility mode so that it can run under the administrator account. Right-click the program icon, select Properties, and then select the appropriate compatibility mode in the Compatibility tab.

Disable UAC (User Account Control): UAC is a security feature in Windows 10 that controls user access to system changes. Try disabling UAC and then restart your computer. To disable UAC, open Control Panel, select User Accounts, and then click Change User Account Control settings. Move the slider to Never Notify and click OK.

Running the program as an administrator: Try to run the program as an administrator, even if you’re already logged in as an administrator. Right-click the program icon and select Run as administrator.

Change folder permissions: If the program needs access to certain folders, you may need to change the folder permissions. Right-click the folder, select Properties, and then select the Security tab. Click the Edit button, select Users/Groups, and then select the desired permissions.

cad to administrator identity run not up how to do?

Remove the “run as administrator of this program” in front of the check mark can be solved, the specific steps are as follows:

1, first of all, open the computer, find CAD software on the desktop.

2, second, right-click on the desktop CAD shortcut, select open “Properties”.

3, and then, in the pop-up window click to open the “compatibility”.

4, finally, in the compatibility menu down, find Run as administrator this program, uncheck the box, click the OK button below to solve.

About win10 right-click did not use the administrator identity to run the solution

A user reflected in the win10 system, the right mouse button when the menu does not run as an administrator this option, this is how it is? May be a lot of unfamiliar with the computer users do not know how to solve, it does not matter, the following small make up to teach you win10 right click did not use the administrator identity to run the solution.

The solution is as follows:

1, right-click on the desktop of this computer is my computer, select “Management”;

2, expand to the computer management → System Tools → Local Users and Groups → Users, in the right to find and open the Administrator;

3, in the Administrator, you can find the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator, the Administrator and the Administrator. p>3, in the Administrator Properties interface, uncheck the “account has been disabled”, click OK;

4, after completing the setup, and then in the Administrator account, all the procedures will be carried out in the identity of the administrator.

The above is about win10 right-click does not use the administrator identity to run the solution, there are the same problem can be in accordance with the above method to solve Oh.