Keep getting ip address how to do ah apple

Wireless network keeps showing IP address being acquired.

The iphone has not yet accessed the Internet cause.

1, cell phone problems, people who have used the iPhone know that sometimes Apple phones connect to the network there will be some glitches, such as the password is clearly entered right, but just can not connect to WiFi, encountered this situation, there is a high probability that the cell phone is suddenly a system failure.

When the network settings go wrong, it is recommended to turn off the phone for a while and then restart it, then connect to WiFi after restarting, you can usually connect to the WiFi signal successfully, but if the situation still doesn’t improve after restarting, it is recommended to restore the network settings and then try again, the restoration method is very simple, open the iPhone Settings – General -Restore-restore network settings.

2, network problems, of course, the iPhone does not connect to WiFi in addition to the cell phone system network settings may be a problem, but also because the network itself is faulty, such as router system errors, broadband failures, broadband failures can be called to the operator for warranty, and if the router system errors caused by the router is recommended to reboot the router and then try to connect the network is normal.

3, hardware failure, followed by the iPhone if all WiFi can not be successfully connected, it may be due to the cell phone signal components or other hardware failure, need to be sent to the after-sales service.

4, may be a router problem, the wireless router power off restart try, you can also try to restart their cell phones, restart to see if you can open the web page normally, open the phone’s settings, click on the General, the cellular data APN change to CMNET, should be able to use, directly to change a wifi wireless network try.

Apple connects to wifi and keeps showing that it’s getting an ip address

It means that the phone can’t get the IP assigned by the router, so you can reboot the wireless router and the phone and try it.

Cell phone connecting to the wireless display has been in the acquisition of ip address

First of all, try to other cell phones or computers to connect to the wifi whether there is a problem, to rule out the wireless router problem.

If other machines have no problem connecting to wifi, try restarting your wireless router.

If restarting the router still doesn’t work, you can try to manually set up a static ip address for your phone, without having to get it automatically.

Taking the iphone 4 phone as an example, in the settings – wireless LAN – select the network you need to set up, and then click on the right side of the network with a small exclamation point in the circle, this time you can open the wireless network settings interface. You need to fill in the IP address, subnet mask, router address and DNS in turn, as shown below.

For example: (DNS can be set up according to the local situation)

Can be found in the computer’s start-run-cmd-type ipconfig/all to see the IP address of your computer.

Why does the cell phone connect to the wireless router and keep showing that it is getting an IP address? Has not been able to access the Internet

The phone can not connect to the WLAN (Wi-Fi) properly in the following cases:

1, open the WiFi scanning can not be a wireless network, others can be searched. The solution is as follows:

1) WiFi signal is set to hide, you need to contact the network administrator to get the name of the wireless signal, in the cell phone [Settings]-[Wireless LAN]-[Other Networks], manually enter the name of the wireless signal and password to connect.

2) Router failure, try to restart the router.

2, prompted to connect to WiFi is rejected, fault phenomenon: others can connect, they can not connect to WiFi, connection is rejected. The solution is as follows:

1) The router device may have enabled wireless MAC address filtering, it is recommended to contact the network administrator to add the phone’s MAC address. the MAC address in the [Settings] – [About this machine] to see;

2), router failure, try to restart the router.

3, the phone connects to the WiFi prompt has been saved, but the connection fails. The solution is as follows:

1), this prompt is the encryption method of WiFi signal, password or the signal channel of the router has been modified. It is recommended to reset the password and encryption type of the router, and the terminal connecting to this network needs to [Ignore this network] and re-enter the password to connect.

2) Router failure, try to restart the router.

Apple laptop has been shown to be obtaining ip address

1, look at the wireless or wired, wireless, then check the routing settings. Setting no problem on the route to restart, restart still not take a toothpick to insert the route chrysanthemum, restore the factory value can be. It’s also bad

Wired check whether the cable is problematic or the logistics wiring is problematic, and if it’s not, you’ll be able to get it to work.

Why does the cell phone connection wifi has been displayed in the acquisition of ip address?


1, first of all, let’s look at the problem phenomenon, as shown in the figure, I know the password when connecting to the specified WIFI, click on the connection to enter the password, it will show: “is being authenticated”, that is, password verification.

2. After the password is correct, it’s time to get an IP address, and often times I get stuck here for a long time without getting an IP address.

3, finally failed to get, display: “Save”, proving that you have saved this WIFI for next time.

4, long press the SSID name of the WIFI, pop-up menu, select: “Modify Network”.

5. Click on the checkbox to select “Show Advanced Options”, which varies slightly depending on the make and model of your phone.

6, in the IP settings, the default is DHCP to obtain an IP address, now change to static.

7, enter the fixed IP address, 192.168.0.XX or 192.168.1.XX, such as the use of more.

8, the above are entered, found that the save button is gray, save can not, in the WIFI password column again enter the password, save button is not gray, and then you can go to reconnect to try.

9, if the IP address is set correctly, you can connect to the WIFI.

Mobile phone wifi has been shown to be acquiring ip address reason:

Because a lot of WIFI routing can be accessed at the same time a limited number of users, or else too many users access at the same time will lead to router jamming. So in the router DHCP set the IP address range, as shown in the figure only allows simultaneous access to 10 users, it happens to run out of IP addresses, you can not get an IP address, can not connect to the WIFI.