Lenovo v450 SSD Interface

What interface is the Lenovo V450 hard disk

The Lenovo V450 is a laptop that came out in 2009 with a SATA serial hard disk interface.

SATA Serial Hard Drives:

Hard drives that use the SATA (SerialATA) interface are also known as serial hard drives.In 2001, the SerialATA Committee, which is made up of several major vendors, including Intel, APT, Dell, IBM, Seagate, and Maxtor, formalized the SerialATA 1.0 specification, and in 2002. Although SerialATA related devices have not been officially launched, the SerialATA Committee has established the SerialATA2.0 specification. SerialATA adopts the serial connection method, the SerialATA bus uses embedded clock signals, and has a stronger error correction capability, compared with the past, its biggest difference is that it can check the transmission instructions (not only data), and if errors are found, they will be corrected automatically, and the error correction capability will be improved automatically. The biggest difference compared to the past is the ability to check the transmitted instructions (not only the data), and if an error is found, it will be automatically corrected, which largely improves the reliability of data transmission. Serial interfaces also have the advantages of simple structure and support for hot-swapping.

Does the Lenovo v450 support msata SSDs or not. Some of you answered yes and some of you answered no. I installed one now and it won’t recognize it.


The V450 only has a mini-pcie interface, not an m-sata interface, the two interfaces look exactly the same, and the device can be plugged in, but the two functions are not the same, and now that you’ve bought a masata hard drive, see if you can go online to buy a hard drive caddy to get a 2.5-inch hard drive, and then replace the optical drive bay!

Hello, can LENOVOV450 take msataSSD?

The v450 can be retrofitted with msata SSDs, the minipci-e connects the hard disk when in fact, the internal transmission channel is still SATA, but only do the bridge.


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What models of Lenovo v450 laptop hard drives work?

2.5-inch SATA interface hard disk can be used.

Laptop hard drive models are basically unified, SATA2.0/3.0 interface, 2.5-inch, more than 95% of the notebook are common.

The other 5% is the tablet commonly mSATA interface, the top ultrabook with PCIe interface, Mac’s LIF interface.

Lenovo V450 optical drive space for solid state drives, as well as the replacement of memory sticks

② Use a Phillips screwdriver, these screws one by one uninstalled, and observe the length of the screws, what parts of the respective uninstalled, so that the installation of the original dismantling of the original back.

3 general motherboards have two memory stick slots, if only one memory stick is inserted at this time, you can load another memory stick, if you want to utilize the original memory stick, you can load another memory stick with the same brand as the previous memory stick, so it is less likely to cause incompatibility.

④If it is a desktop computer, the memory is also divided into DDR2 and DDR3 specifications, and when you buy it, you also have to look at your model.

⑤The memory stick has a card strip on both sides, and after pushing it to the sides, the memory stick can be pried open, and then slowly pulled out after clamping it.