Network Planning Designer Information

What are the knowledge points of the Network Planning Designer exam?

The Network Planning Designer exam consists of three subjects: general knowledge, case study, and dissertation, and the knowledge of each subject is different. The comprehensive knowledge exam is objective multiple-choice questions, the case study exam is subjective questions and answers, and the dissertation exam is writing questions.

Network planning designer belongs to the soft exam senior qualification exam, network planning designer exam syllabus for each subject in the examination of the range of knowledge points are as follows:

Comprehensive Knowledge

1.Computer Network Principles

1.1 Computer Network Fundamentals

1.2 Data Communication Fundamentals

1.3 Network Hierarchical and Functions

1.4 Network Devices and Network Software

1.4.1 Network Cards

1.5 Local Area Networks (LANs)

1.6 Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Access

1.7 Network Interconnection

1.8 Internet Protocols

1.9 Network Management

1.10 Quality of Service Control Techniques

2.Knowledge of Computer Network Planning and Design

2.2 Requirements Analysis

2.3 Logical Design

2.4 Physical Design

2.5 Network Testing, Optimization, and Management

2.6 Network Troubleshooting and Handling

2.7 Network System Performance Assessment Techniques and Methods<

3. Network Resource Equipment

3.1 Network Servers

3.2 Network Storage Systems

3.3 Other Resources

4. Network Security

4.1 Network Insecurity Factors and Network Security System

4.2 Prevention and Treatment of Malware

4.3 Hacking Attacks and Preventive Methods

4.4 Firewall Application

4.5 ISAServer Application Configuration

4.6 IDS and IPS

4.7 Access Control Techniques

4.8 VPN Techniques

4.9 Network Secure Segregation

4.10 Security Authentication Methods and Techniques

4.11 Encryption and Digital Signature

4.12 Network Security Application Protocols

4.13 Security Auditing

4.14 Security Management Strategies and Systems

5. Project Management

5.1 Project Plan Management

5.2 Project Scope Management

5.3 Project Schedule Control

5.4 Project Cost Management

5.5 Project Risk Management

5.6 Project Quality Management

5.7 Project Documentation Management

6. Standardization and Laws and Regulations

6.1 Classification of Standards

6.2 Standardized Bodies

6.3 Intellectual Property Rights

6.4 Laws and regulations related to the Internet

7. Knowledge related to financial management

7.1 General knowledge of accounting

7.2 Financial management practices

8. Applied Mathematics

8.1 Application of probability statistics

8.2 Application of graph theory

8.3 Combinatorial analysis

8.4 Operations research Methods

9.Professional English

9.1 English reading level required for senior engineers

9.2 Familiarity with professional English terminology in fields related to the position of Network Planning Designer

Case Study

1.Network Planning and Design

2.Network Engineering Management

3.Network Optimization

4.Network Planning and Design

5.Network Optimization

4. Network Configuration

5. Network Performance Analysis and Testing

6. Network Failure Analysis

Network Paper

Based on a number of paper topics related to network planning and design given in the question paper, select one of the topics and write the paper according to the specified requirements. The paper will cover the following topics:

1. Application and comparative analysis of network technologies

-Switching technology category

-Routing technology category

-Network security technology category

-Server technology category

-Storage technology category

2. Impact of network technologies on the construction of application systems

– Network Computing Mode

-Application System Integration Technology

-P2P Technology

-Disaster Tolerance Backup and Disaster Recovery

-Network Security Technology

-Network-Based Application System Development Technology

3. Specialized Network Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation and Project Management

-Industrial Networks

-E-government network

-E-commerce network

-Secrecy network

-Wireless digital city network

-Emergency command network

-Video surveillance network

-Equipment room engineering

4. Analysis of next-generation network technologies


-All-optical networks

-3G, B3G, 4G, WiMAX, WMN and other wireless networks

-Multi-network convergence

Warm reminder: Due to the continuous changes and adjustments of the examination policy and content, the above information provided by is only for reference, in case of any disagreement, the candidates are requested to refer to the content published by the authoritative authorities!

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The computer soft test network planning designer (advanced) to see which books or materials

“Network planning designer exam throughout the finger”

“Network planning designer exam questions classification essence”

“Network planning designer tutorial”

“Network planning designer tutorial”

“Network planning designer tutorial”

These are the candidates are often selected textbooks, and the textbooks are not the only thing you can do. It’s almost like a designated textbook, you can refer to the reference

Is it hard to get a network planning designer what knowledge do you need to have

The network planner is a network planning designer, so is it hard to get a network planning designer? Here, follow me to find out.

Network Planning Designer difficult to test

Network Planning Designer only once a year, inside the advanced subjects belong to the bias technical type of examination, need to understand in order to digest, so there is no certain relevant work experience, direct network rules, the difficulty is very great.

Because of the soft exam exam registration without threshold, blindly apply for a large number of people, the number of people who missed the exam, no review directly to the exam is also a lot of people, coupled with a number of people learning method is not right, and finally led to the soft exam exam pass rate is also relatively low.

But we should not be scared by this pass rate, really determined to apply for the exam, seriously review the 80% chance is to pass.

The test network planner needs to have what knowledge

1, systematic mastery of the basic principles of data communication;

2, systematic mastery of the principles of computer networks;

3, systematic mastery of the basic principles of computer systems;

4, systematic mastery of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet technology;

5, systematic mastery of the TCP/IP architecture and protocols;

6, master network computing environment and network applications;

7, proficiency in various types of network products and their application specifications;

8, master network security and information security technologies, security products and their application specifications;

9, proficiency in the application of project management methodologies and tools to implement network engineering projects;< /p>

10, practical experience and ability to design, deploy and manage medium and large networks;

11, practical experience and ability to test and evaluate medium and large networks;

12, familiarity with relevant laws, regulations and standards;

13, relevant basic knowledge of applied mathematics, economics and management science;

14, Skilled in reading and correctly understanding English literature in related fields.

How to effectively review the network planning designer exam

1, make a study plan

Study plan can make everyone review more efficient. Revision is more difficult to adhere to, adhere to the last person can win, study plan can spur you on, be sure to complete these goals. So be sure to make a study plan, and strictly in accordance with the plan to study, do not slack off, during the preparation for the examination can never slack off.

2, close to the textbook and the syllabus

The syllabus can help us grasp the focus of the review, combined with the syllabus, close to the textbook review.

To learn to look at the syllabus, the syllabus is not set, has been clearly marked which knowledge is the focus of the examination, which just need to understand on the line.

The textbook is a thick one, we can not all master, so this time to look carefully at the syllabus, combined with the syllabus to review the textbook.

3, more brush previous years questions

This feeling do not need me to say more, we should all know the importance of previous years questions. The previous year’s problems brush only 3 to 5 years will be enough.

Lastly, about the review material, there is a need to leave the mail, the hands of the information can be shared with everyone. The urgent need for information can also click here to directly access the preparation materials, the subject files are categorized, we directly self-take on it.