ppt text box how to get bigger

How to set and modify the width and height of the PPT text box

PPT is one of our commonly used office software, popular with users, is the work and study of the little helper, some friends would like to know how to set and modify the width and height of the PPT text box, I would like to introduce you to the method.

Specific as follows:

1. First of all, please find the [PPT] icon in their computer, click to enter the main interface, click on the top of the [Format], and then select the arrow pointing to the [Size] button.

2. The second step, next, please set the size here.

3. The third step, as shown in the figure, please in the box, enter the height and other values can be.

4. Step 4, in addition, you need to enter the width in the same way.

5. Step 5, after completing the input, we will find that the text box has the effect of being set, as shown in the figure.

6. Finally, after completing the above steps, please open the [Shape] option again, and then set the command, the operation is complete.

How to Resize Text Boxes in PowerPoint

If you have inserted a smart graphic in PowerPoint and added multiple text boxes to it, you can resize them together by following these steps:

Selecting a Smart Graphic: In PowerPoint, select the smart graphic that contains the multiple text boxes, which will make the smart graphic with eight resize control points.

Hold down the Shift key and select multiple text boxes: Hold down the Shift key and click on each text box until you have selected all the text boxes that need to be resized. At this point, all text boxes will appear selected.

Resizing textboxes: After you have selected all the textboxes that need to be resized, click on one of the textboxes and hold down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse to resize the textbox. This will resize all the selected text boxes at the same time.

Repositioning text boxes: After resizing, you may need to reposition the text boxes to make them fit better in the Smart Graphics. You can click on any text box and drag them to reposition them.

Finishing the adjustment: After resizing and repositioning all the text boxes, you can release the left mouse button and finish the adjustment.

ppt in the text box size how to set

In the use of ppt, we need to often edit the text box, then the text box specifically how to set it? Come together to learn about it!

Left mouse button to select the need to modify the text box, click the right mouse button, select [Set Object Format];

You can see the right side of the dialog box pops up, where you can set the text box of the relevant attributes of the content;

For example, in the [Fill and Lines], we can set up a text box to fill in the way that you can see that the text box changes, but also can set the lines of the text box;

In the [Effect] we can set the effect of the text box, for example, we choose one of the [Reflection] effect;

In the [Size and Properties], you can adjust the size of the text box and its position;

ppt text box can not adjust the size and location

ppt text box can not adjust the size and location of the solution is as follows:

1, open the ppt, in the upper toolbar, click on the “Insert”, select “text box “, click on “horizontal”;

2, select the text box, right-click the mouse, select “Set Text Box Format”;

3, in the tab of Set Text Box In the Set Text Box Format tab, click the “Text Box”, in the adjust the size of the optional graphics to adapt to the text “before the check box to adjust the size and location.