qq space mouse effects how to get

qq space mouse effects how to set, want a good-looking flower


It is a pleasure to answer your question! Login QQ space — dress up — enter the mall — dress up mall — single product — decoration — mouse — save it,

Suggest that you open the yellow diamond, you can get a lot of free good-looking dress up oh.

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How to get Qzone 6.0 mouse effects?

①Customize—Module—Add module—Add flash module.

③Change the “mmbest” on the FLASH address to your name or your favorite word, such as: change “mmbest” to ‘xtitw.com’. ‘, all the flash mouse following the text are customizable and transparent can be placed in any space!

The following is the flash code:

The first [pink]


The second [green]

http:/ /flash.meqzone.com/meqzone/flash/mouse/1_2.swf?txt=mmbest

The third [red]

http://flash.meqzone.com/meqzone/flash/mouse/1_3.swf ?txt=mmbest

The fourth [blue]


qqspace mouse effects have an address how to do?

1: login QQ space, click on the space of the upper right “dress up space” ¡ú top “add and delete modules” ¡ú right “new module” ¡ú select flash module

2: module editing window: the title there casually write, copy the flash address to paste the flash animation address box (Note: the address box already has a “http://”, please clear and then paste it in, do not repeat);

link to open the way: cycle front check, autoplay front check, flash transparent front check

Module border: select none

flash size: generally do not care about it (later manually adjusted)

Set up after the point below the “Confirmation” (the module will be displayed in the lower part of the home page);

4: adjust the module: mouse click on the upper edge of the module do not let go of the drag module position; mouse to the lower right corner of the module will appear similar to the “triangle” thing, use the mouse to hold down the lower right corner of the triangle do not let go of the drag to adjust the size of the module; the right mouse button to click on the upper edge of the module, in the pop-up menu for the relevant settings (Edit, Move to top, move to the previous, move to the next layer, move to the bottom, remove the module);

5: Finally, point to the upper right corner of the space “Save”.

qq space mouse effects code, flash mouse follow effects how to get

In dress up space click on add and delete modules.

Then create a new module.

After clicking New Module, four types of modules will pop up.

Select Insert Flash Module.

Copy the address of the mouse following effect you selected.

Click on “Loop”, “Autoplay”, and “Flash Transparent” in the playback options.

It’s best to choose the module without a border, but it doesn’t matter if you choose one with a border.

Confirm, maximize the window and save.

How to use the QQ space mouse effects?

The first step: into your space point custom

New module

flash module

No border

Input the verification code

Submit ok

The third step: the flash module to move to you want to appear the effect of the place

Zoom in to adjust the position on the

And then save it. p>Then save and you’re done!

A little more on the top

Primary and secondary positions should be placed

Otherwise it may lead to failure to open some connections