Reasons for slow access to external sql database

sqlserver2005 database is what causes the web page to open slowly

Reasons are more:

1, a network delay between the web server and the sql server;

2, the sql database server pressure, slow response speed;

3, the database is not set up reasonably or the program call there are unreasonable place, resulting in the database deadlock;

You can optimize the database structure, such as increasing the index, optimize the program to use the database, the use of cache to reduce database access to solve the problem of slow access to the site. Database optimization is a very professional work, the site do big will encounter such problems.

SQLServer2000 database through the extranet read intranet read data slow


1. can increase the bandwidth to solve.

2. Mainly depends on what program to read SqlServer2000 data, if it is an application, you can do a middleware, first read out the Sqlserver in the data needed, and then in the compression of the transmission, in the extranet in the decompression out.

3. It may be because you are using a remote direct connection to the database, the channel itself is very bandwidth-consuming so it will be very slow, it is recommended that the intranet processing is completed in the return to the extranet.

4. There may be more data in the database, or Sql is more complex, it is recommended that the establishment of views and indexes to speed up retrieval.

5. The other seems to have nothing to say, specific things specific treatment.

Connecting to SQL server is so slow

Is it always slow or is it getting slower? That varies a lot.

Like upstairs said, it’s slow all the time that’s an environmental issue and hard to optimize.

If it’s getting slower and slower, it’s probably a bug in the software that connects to the DB, and the cleanup isn’t done properly.

As for the DB selection of convenience can also be discretionary. Large companies, high security requirements, should use Microsoft SQL, IBM’s DB2, Oracle’s Oracle, these database hardware requirements are high, personal computers can not meet.

If it is a small business, or some daily data organization. You can use MySql, open source and free, taking up fewer resources, personal computers can handle. The disadvantage is that there is no after-sales service.