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Taobao buyers pay, sellers how to set up automatic shipment (link) to the buyer Want Want

Taobao system is not automatic shipment of this function, but you can buy their own Taobao service market, the specific operation is as follows:

1, first login to the seller’s account, click on “Taobao Seller Center “button will appear under the drop-down list, and click on the drop-down list of the” seller services market “button into the corresponding window, then enter the Taobao services market, and then search for” 51 automatic shipment “as follows

2, according to the needs of the purchase, we recommend that you choose a 7-day free trial, the trial version does not limit any function, in order to determine to meet your needs, and then order.

3, select the 7-day free subscription, enter the main interface of the automatic delivery software, as follows:

4, click on the left menu of the “virtual baby” management, and then click on the “Not added” label, select the baby to be added to the automatic delivery, click the back of the “Add” button, as shown below:

5, when adding, pay attention to the selection of the type of baby, you can not modify this type after saving. After saving, you can not modify this type.

6, after adding, return to the virtual baby list, if it is a card class, you can click on the “management card” to manage the card, if it is a network disk link class, it will show “management text”. If it’s a link, it will show “Manage Text”.

7, download the AutoShip plug-in, when the buyer pays, through the wangwang/chianniu automatically send the card message to the buyer wangwang. For sellers who don’t need to send wangwang messages and only need to modify orders, you can ignore this step.

Taobao online store how to get automatic shipment?

Taobao automatic shipment settings:

1, first login to the merchant interface. As shown in the following figure:

3, click on the automated operation to enter the new interface, in the upper right corner of the webpage search bar enter ‘automatic shipment’, click search. As shown in the following picture:

4. Select Auto Ship and click the buy icon in the upper right corner. As shown in the following figure:

5, at this time, because of sensitive operations, it will again jump into the illustrated login interface, re-login, you can return to the interface. As shown in the following figure:

6, search for the tool again, point to buy, the pop-up application order, select the order as required. The following chart shows:

7, need to read the instructions for this application, according to the application of different steps will be somewhat different. Need to have a computer running all the time, when there is an order the software will be automatically executed, according to their own needs to set up. As shown in the figure below:

8, finally, open the background of the application, will be their own goods and need to send the content added to the database, when there is a transaction, the software will automatically send the appropriate content. As shown in the following figure:

How to set up auto shipping ah?

For Taobao sellers, setting up automatic shipment can save time and improve efficiency, but also better meet the needs of buyers. Here are the specific steps on how to set up automatic shipment of Smart Card:

1. Log in to the Taobao seller’s backstage, enter the “Transaction Management” page, and click on the “Auto Shipment Settings”.

2. In the “Auto Ship Settings” page, click “Add Template”.

3. On the “Add Template” page, select “ Smart Card” as the shipping template, and fill in the relevant information, such as the card code, shipping method, and logistics method.

4. After selecting the “shipping method” and “logistics method”, click “Save” to complete the autoship settings.

It should be noted that, in setting up the automatic shipment, we should prepare a good rechargeable card secret in advance, and import the card secret to the Taobao seller background. This is to ensure the smooth running of the auto shipment.

It is worth mentioning that for the sale of the card class goods, special attention needs to be paid to prevent trade disputes and other issues. Sellers are advised to read the Taobao seller rules and related policies in detail, and strictly abide by the transaction process and regulations to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the transaction.