The ascii code for character 3

What is the ASCII value of character 3? In binary

Hexadecimal: 0x33

Binary: 00110011

ch='a'+'8'-'3c language question, please explain

Here are all characters, the addition operation is the sum of their ASCII codes, the ASCII code of small a is 97, the ASCII code corresponding to 8 is 56, and the ASCII code corresponding to 3 is 51.

ch=’a ‘+’8’-‘3; After this statement is executed, the corresponding ASCII code is 97+56-51=102, which corresponds to small f. So if you output ch on the screen, it will show :f

What is the ASCII of the character 3

3 is decimal or 3 in asc code?

What is the ASCII code for character 3 and character 8? Specific Steps

ASCII Code Table Information is represented on computers in binary, and this representation makes it difficult for humans to understand. Therefore computers are equipped with input and output devices, the main purpose of these devices is, to display information on these devices in a human readable form for human reading and understanding. In order to ensure that humans and equipment, equipment and computers can exchange information between the correct information, people compiled a unified code for information exchange, which is the ASCII code table, its full name is “U.S. standard code for information exchange”. Octal Hexadecimal Decimal Character Octal Hexadecimal Decimal Character 00000nul1004064@ 01011soh1014165A02022stx1024266B03033etx1034367C04044eot1044468D05055enq1054569E06066ack1064670F07077bel1074771G10088bs1104872H11099ht1114973I120a10nl1124a74J130b11vt1134b75K140c12ff1144c76L150d13er1154d77M160e14so1164e78N170f15si1174f79O201016dle1205080P211117dc11215181Q221218dc21225282R231319dc31235383S241420dc41245484T251521nak1255585U261622syn1265686V271723etb1275787W301824can1305888X311925em1315989Y321a26sub1325a90Z331b27esc1335b91 [341c28fs1345c92\351d29gs1355d93]361e30re1365e94^371f31us1375f95_402032sp1406096’412133!1416197a422234″1426298b432335# 1436399c442436$14464100d452537%14565101e462638&14666102f472739`14767103g502840(15068104h512941)15169105i522a42*1526a106j532b43 +1536b107k542c44,1546c108l552d45-1556d109m562e46.1566e110n572f47/ 1576f111o603048016070112p613149116171113q623250216272114r633351316373115s643452416474116t653553516575117u663654616676118v673755716777119w703856817078120x7139579179121y723a58 :1727a122z733b59;1737b123{743c60<1747c124|753d61=1757d125}763e62>1767e126~773f63?1777f127del