User account control settings cannot be changed

win7 change user account control settings can not be opened to solve the problem

Many friends because often annoyed by the user account control want to change the relevant settings, the results found that win7 change user account control settings can not be opened, this may be because of the relevant content in the Group Policy Editor is restricted, we can go to which re-open the can be, the following together to look at the I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do that.

win7 change user account control settings can not be opened to solve the problem

1, first of all, use the “win + r” shortcut key to open the “Run”

2, in the location shown in the figure enter “gpedit.msc” and enter to confirm.

3, and then in the computer configuration to find the “Security Settings” in the “Security Options”

4, double-click to open the above location of the “User Account Control: Administrator Approval Mode”

5, and then click on the “User Account Control: Administrator Approval Mode”. administrator’s elevation of privileges prompted by the behavior”, set to “agree to prompt”

5, and then back to step 3, double-click to open the “User Account Control: Prompt to elevate when switching to a secure desktop”, change to “Disabled” can be.

Win7 system to change the user account control settings tips

User Account Control is a control mechanism that can help us stop malicious programs from damaging the system, but also help organizations deploy a more manageable platform, but there are many Win7 users reflect that every time as long as a little bit of change to the computer, the Win7 system will pop up the user account control window, but this is a security setting of Win7, but it is a bit annoying. The window, although this is a Win7 system security settings, but a little annoying, then how to change the “User Account Control Settings”, the following for you to bring the specific steps to do it.


1, first click on the Win7 system’s “Start Menu”, choose to click on the “Control Panel”;

2, in the pop-up Control Panel click on the “User Accounts and Home Security”.

Description of user account control levels:

(1) Always Notify: Notify of every system change. This is the Vista mode, where any system level change (windows settings, software installation, etc.) will bring up the UAC alert window.

(2) Default settings: prompts only when a program tries to change the computer. When the user changes windows settings (e.g. control panel and administrator tasks) no prompt message will appear.

(3) No Desktop Brightness Reduction: Prompts only when a program tries to change the computer without using the secure desktop (i.e., desktop brightness is reduced), but the UAC prompt window will only appear on the general desktop and not on the secure desktop. This is useful for certain video drivers, as these programs make desktop transitions slow, and note that the secure desktop is a hindrance for software that is trying to install a response.

(4) Never notify: never prompt, which is also the same as turning off the UAC feature altogether.