Website visitor statistics site how to query not

I used Baidu Statistics to query the company’s website traffic and visits, the code is added correctly, but how no data ah

Reporting no data, generally due to the view of the time period is not appropriate or incorrect installation of the code related.

1, whether to open the report service? (

2. Are you viewing in the correct time period?

(1) Statistics may not have been generated yet.

Baidu statistics can only provide data 1-2 hours after the code is added; among them, Baidu promotion data needs to be viewed the next day.

(2) You chose a time period before the code was installed

For example, if you installed the code on January 2, there is no data available for the date range of January 1 or earlier.

3. Have you installed the statistics code correctly?

If you have installed the code and the code check is fine, but there is no data: no data means that the js code of Baidu statistics is not running, please check whether there is <noscript> mark before Baidu stats code, if there is and there is no </noscript> end mark afterward, or wrongly written as </ noscript>, Baidu statistics code will not be executed. After changing </noscript> to </noscript>, the code can be executed.

Using a third-party statistics tool is a way for us to place relevant code scripts on the page to get access to relevant information, which is very accurate (of course, the data for each statistic code may have some deviation which is caused by different ways of computing)

You can use MYip to query your own The first thing you must know is how it is calculated, I just went to see the site, I feel that MYip is just a very common data collection site, its data is not their own calculations, it is entirely the collection of the results of the relevant site query.

Very simply put the principle, you enter your domain name or IP, its website program will automatically perform all kinds of query statements, such as access to your Baidu included page information, grab included data. Visit Alexa your domain name page, grab your Alexa ranking and its related data. Other display results are also the same to get.

Since MYip’s data are collected from others, the traffic statistics you display are certainly also collected data. In addition to our own statistical code inserted in the site, who can statistics out of our site data, the answer is a third-party tool plug-ins.

As Alexa, as long as there is a browser installed Alexa plug-in to visit your site, then this data will be transmitted to the Alexa database. After some complex calculations, Alexa will show you the world ranking of your site, and the average daily traffic.

MyIP is most likely grabbing data from Alexa or some other third-party tool to show your website traffic. The reason you don’t have traffic showing up is because no browsers that have installed such tools are visiting your site. There is no record of you in the other party’s database due to this.

That’s about it, if you still don’t understand you can continue to explain. Web site traffic analysis directly with their own statistical tools, Alexa such third-party statistics, for the average site is not authoritative, the discrepancy is very large. It just applies to the world ranking within 10,000 large sites of external data.

Baidu statistics show a keyword is clicked to consume, why the visitor area with the site is no data?

You can check, in this keyword corresponding to whether the PV value recorded, recorded to the description of the click after entering your site, if not recorded, there are a lot of reasons ~ ~ ~ the site and did not jump, the page whether to install the code, and then there is the visitor to visit the network environment ~ These are all the factors affecting the ~ ~ ~ now most of the statistical tools are based on the js code statistics, whether or not the data can be recorded, as long as to see whether the corresponding code is loaded ~~

Baidu statistics can not view the visitor attributes how to solve

1. Baidu has a sample library/Cookiepanel, these samples have a clear gender attribute

2. Through the search/visit records of the users of this sample library, through the decision tree algorithm can be calculated as such a rule: in the conditions of knowing your search terms/visit the site, the probability that you are male/female What is it

3. Applying this rule to cookies that do not have a gender attribute, you can figure out the gender of all users