WeChat small program web-side deployment

How to deploy WeChat small program HTTPS

WeChat small program requirements for HTTPS, each WeChat small program must be set up in advance a communication domain name and HTTPS request for network communication, do not meet the conditions of the domain name and protocol can not be requested. That is to say, the requestrequest address must be a legitimate domain name, which needs to have SSL certificate authenticated. Reference: http://www.wosign.com/news/xiaochengxu-https.htm

Small program deployment process

WeChat small program on the line, has become an important link between online and offline business, so that many traditional merchants renewed fresh vitality. So how are the steps for the simple production of WeChat small programs? And what is the configuration process? Today Trend Cloud Services for everyone to talk about.

I. Log in to the background

Use your cell phone number to register for a platform account, after completing contact the platform customer service or your regional platform partner to open the account permissions, and then log in to the platform to enter the management interface.

Two. System settings

1. Authorization of small programs, enter the system settings and click on the authorization of small programs, click on “Authorize Small Programs Now”.

2. At this time jump to the WeChat public platform, please use the administrator WeChat that has been registered to the program bound to scan the QR code that appears on the screen.

3. After scanning, please click on your cell phone to confirm authorization, after which the website will automatically jump back to the ride cloud platform.

4. Small program settings. Click the left menu column: system settings> applet settings (if you have been authorized, applet AppID will be automatically displayed on this page, no need to set up again).

5. Please fill in the name of the small program, small program customer service electricity. Set the small program AppSecret: this step needs to be first in the WeChat public platform login has been successfully registered program account, this step is required, please do not skip, the specific network can query the relevant configuration documents.

6. If your small program store needs customer service, please configure it after logging into the small program on WeChat public platform. If you have any questions, please click “View Configuration Tutorial” in the background of the cloud. After you have configured the customer service personnel in WeChat public platform, click “open customer service”.

7. After all the settings are completed, please click “Save Small Program Settings”.

Three. WeChat Payment Settings

Click the left menu column: System Settings>Applet Settings>WeChat Payment Settings, if you need to realize the transaction and payment on the applet, you have to set up WeChat Payment. If you have not yet opened WeChat payment, please refer to other documents provided by RideCloud to open WeChat payment. After opening, you can set and save the settings here.

IV. Template Message Configuration

1. Click the left menu column: System Settings>Small Program Settings>Template Message Configuration.

2. Click on the right side of the three “generate template ID”, ID that will be automatically generated on the left, and then click on the “Save Template Message” can be.

5. Template Management

1. Click the left menu column: Template Management, please select the template suitable for your industry in the industry template settings, and click to save the settings.

2. Click on “Framework Settings”, select the framework of your small program, and click to save the settings.

What are the steps on how to carry out WeChat webpage creation

To carry out WeChat webpage creation, you can follow the following steps:

Define webpage requirements: first, define the purpose and requirements of your webpage. Determine the content, functionality and design style that you want to present, as well as your target audience.

Writing web content: based on your needs, write the textual content of the web page. Think clearly about the structure and organization of the web page, including headings, paragraphs, lists, images, etc.

Designing the web page layout: decide on the overall layout and structure of the web page. Consider the layout and style of elements such as header navigation, sidebars, main content areas, and bottom navigation.

Creating the structure of a web page: Create the structure and style of a web page using HTML and CSS. HTML is used to define the content and structure of a web page, and CSS is used to control the style and layout of a web page.

Adding interactive features: If you need to add interactive features to a web page, such as buttons, forms, navigation menus, etc., you will need to use JavaScript to implement these features.

Optimizing page loading speed: Make sure your pages load fast by taking optimization measures such as compressing images, merging and compressing CSS and JavaScript files, using caching etc.

Testing and debugging: Before publishing a web page, test and debug it to ensure that it displays and works properly on different browsers and devices.

Publishing the web page: Upload the web page files to your server or hosting platform and make sure that the web page can be accessed via URL.

Optimize for mobile display: Since WeChat is primarily used on mobile devices, make sure your web page displays well on mobile and is adapted and optimized.

Please note that WeChat webpage creation involves technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so if you are not familiar with these technologies, you may need to learn about them or seek help. At the same time, WeChat has some restrictions and specifications for web pages, such as page size and use of external resources, which need to be followed.

How to put a program that has been written in html or PHP into a WeChat applet

Step 1: Apply for a domain name for the record

Step 2: Purchase an SSL certificateThe applet only recognizes httpsDeploy your project

Step 3: Apply for the applet to add a domain name

Step 4: Download the applet tool (WeChat web development tool)< /p>

Step 5: Modify the small program dome to change the WXML inside the <web-viewsrc=”https://你的地址”></web-view>

Step 6: Need to call some api continue to change your html/php code

Step 7: Click on the tool Upload, microsoft background submit for review