WeChat small program web version

How to open the small program on the computer

WeChat small program on the computer to open the method is as follows: click on the left side of the browser at the bottom of the toolbar in the “+” sign, you can open the small program list page. The small program page on the web side is exactly the same as the small program page opened on the cell phone. This makes it possible to open WeChat apps on the web side as well.

Open your WeChat client and click the “Discover” tab on the WeChat homepage. Click on the “Small Programs” button to open the Small Programs Store. In the app store, you can find the apps you are interested in by searching for the name of the app and clicking the “Apps” button next to the search box.

How to open the QQ app on your computer: First, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of QQ. Then open QQ and switch to the messaging interface. Next, pull down from the top, you will see the entrance of the small program. After going in, you can filter the small program, directly click on the button behind the small program can enter.

First of all, open the [WeChat], scan the code to log in, log in successfully click on the lower left corner of the [three bars] icon, click on the [Settings], click on the [About WeChat] to view the version of the information, the latest version of the latest version of the support to view the small program. Click on the small program to enter the list, click the search button above.

Open your computer. Find WeChat on your computer and click to open it and enter the WeChat interface. Click the small program button on the bottom left of the main page to open the small program in WeChat on your computer.

WeChat small program in the computer to open

In the search engine there are many friends consulting WeChat small program how to open on the computer related information, the following by Xiaobian for you to unify the answer WeChat small program how to open on the computer.

WeChat small program on the computer to open the method is as follows:

1. Click on the left side of the browser in the bottom of the toolbar “+” sign, you can open the list of small program page. 2. The web side of the small program page and the cell phone to open the page of the small program is identical. This makes it possible to open a WeChat app on the web side.

August 9, know the program found that WeChat began to test the “PC terminal support to open the small program” of the new ability, the user finally do not need to receive a small program on the computer when looking at the phone sigh.

Knowledge Programs also took the first time to experience this new ability with small program developers, the experience of using small programs on PC is basically the same as that on cell phones, and if the developers are adapted, the small program on PC also supports horizontal screen mode, but does not yet support payment; and developers do not need to submit a separate version.

Now that desktop devices have become productivity tools in many cases, it’s a smoother experience to be able to detach from your phone and not jump back and forth between devices in a work scenario.

PC small program experience: and cell phone version of the same experience, there is a horizontal screen type, does not yet support payment and small games

Ordinary users who want to experience WeChat PC small program, just from the WeChat official document “PC small program development” introduction page, download the WeChat PC internal test version can be.

And developers who want to debug the development of PC applets have to do one more step: download and install developer tools version 1.02.190808 or above on the same page.

Open WeChat’s PC beta, and when a friend shares a small program with you, you’ll no longer see this familiar “Received a small program, please check it out on your phone,” but a familiar small program card.

Tap the small program card, you will be able to use WeChat small program in the pop-up small program window, support multi-opening, and the display effect is almost the same as the mobile terminal.

Still the familiar vertical screen, still the familiar capsule button. Pressing the “…” button on the capsule button in the upper right corner of the PC applet, you can see that in addition to retaining the original “forward” and “about applet” buttons of the mobile applet, the PC applet has also added a new “minimize” option.

And clicking “⊙” in the capsule button closes the applet; the applet toggle bar on mobile doesn’t appear when you press long.

Both on the computer desktop and in the Windows scheduling center, and unlike windows such as public pages and images, PC applets belong to the same tier as WeChat, browsers, and other software, and aren’t in the same menu that contains them. However, if you close WeChat, the PC applet will exit with it.

While users can’t manually adjust the size of the window of the app, developers can adjust the PC app to a horizontal screen: in the app.json file of the app, add a sentence “”resizable”:true” can be realized, and it won’t affect the display of the vertical screen on the mobile terminal. The “Tencent Document” applet in the image below is a good example.

By the way, if you want the app to realize horizontal screen on the mobile terminal, you have to configure a paragraph “”pageOrientation”: “auto”” in the window segment of app.json. But here the horizontal screen needs to be visible only after the user turns on the rotation lock.

In the actual experience, we feel that the whole operation experience is relatively smooth, but there are still some problems to be optimized:

1, the PC terminal can not be successfully paid: we tested in a number of e-commerce applets, originally envisioned in the payment of the WeChat payment QR code will be popped up and did not appear, in the payment stage has been in the loading state.

2, PC applets can not get accurate positioning: most laptops do not have GPS modules, not to mention desktops, so the location information on the PC applets can only be obtained according to the relevant interface, and can not achieve accurate positioning such as cell phones.

3, there are differences in the layout of the page: WeUI, the official component library of WeChat, for example, has differences in the layout of the cell phone when displaying the Button style. WeChat also reminded everyone on the official document: because the screen size on the PC is larger than the window size, it is best to use the window size to calculate the layout.

4, network latency problems occur more frequently.

5, does not yet support small games: small game card sharing to PC WeChat, and the same as the previous small program, can not be opened directly.

But this is understandable, small programs and small games use a different architecture, in addition, the small game operating experience is mainly based on the touch screen, direct operation on the PC terminal many times is not suitable.