What are ni data acquisition cards used for?

How should I use the NIUSB-6229 data acquisition card?

If it’s purely for applications, understand the basic concepts of data acquisition (resolution, sampling speed, single-ended, differential, unipolar, bipolar, etc.), and familiarize yourself with the hardware and software interfaces given by the card (the software manuals and the product manuals will describe them).

If the output signal of a D/A is used to drive a heater, there is no need to use a very fast D/A, because the heater itself cannot track voltage changes very quickly. Therefore, the parameter indicators of the D/A should be selected according to the actual need.

Digital I/O is usually used to control processes, generate test signals, and communicate with peripherals. Its important parameters include: the number of digital port paths (line), receive (send) rate, drive capability, etc.

If the output is to drive motors, lamps, switching heaters and other electrical appliances, there is no need to require a high data conversion rate. The number of circuits should be able to work with the control object, and the current required should be less than the drive current provided by the acquisition card.


A typical data acquisition card has analog input, analog output, digital I/O, counter/timer, etc., which are realized by the corresponding circuits.

Analog input is the most basic function of acquisition. It is generally realized by the multiplex switch (MUX), amplifier, sample-and-hold circuit and A/D, through which an analog signal can be converted into a digital signal.

The performance and parameters of the A/D directly affect the quality of the analog input, and the appropriate A/D should be selected according to the actual need for accuracy.

The analog output is usually to provide excitation for the acquisition system. The output signal is affected by the build-up time, conversion rate, and resolution of the digital-to-analog converter (D/A). The build-up time and conversion rate determine how quickly the output signal amplitude changes. A D/A with a short setup time and high conversion rate can provide a higher frequency signal.

Seek NIPCI6221 data acquisition card use and information on how to introduce, thank you

NI’s card and Altech’s is not even a grade of things, accuracy and sampling frequency is much worse.

As for how to use is relatively simple, look at the English manual can be. Basically, the process is as follows:

1, plug into the computer, install the driver

2, according to the manual wiring, AI, AO, DI, DO are different.

3, data acquisition with labview, there are many books on this.

How to use video capture card

How to use capture card on Huawei cell phone

Connect your cell phone to the card reader via USBOTG cable. Open file management to browse the card reader, browse the card reader’s data, select the data you need to copy, and copy it to the target folder.

First connect the Huawei Mate10 to the Greenlink Mobile Live Streaming Adapter Cable. The live streaming adapter cable can continuously charge the phone during the live streaming process, ensuring that the phone is fully charged during the live streaming process. At the same time, you can connect your cell phone to the live broadcast through the wired network interface on the live broadcast adapter cable, which can also better ensure the stability of the network.

Prepare the card reader and sd card. Insert the SD card into the cell phone card reader. Next, insert the cell phone card reader into your cell phone. Open the file manager on your phone. You can see the read SD card.

Taking Huawei nm memory card as an example, the nm memory card is used by cutting out the memory card from inside the card.

Hikvision video capture card how to use

Hikvision video capture card usage: turn off the computer power, and disassemble the computer host, and at the same time, disassemble the chassis block behind the PCI slot. Plug the capture into the PCI slot. Capture card solid, and in the chassis with a dowel to fix the capture card in the dowel holes in the stalls. Install the computer chassis and power on the computer.

Open the cover of the computer chassis, insert your capture card into the PCI slot on the computer motherboard, connect the breakout cable connector, arrange the video power cable according to the needs of the video power cable, use the BNC connector on the capture card to correspond to connect to the BNC connector of the finished cable, determine the location of the surveillance camera installation, adjust the angle, and install the camera on top of the bracket.

The same three-dimensional T501-2D is a driver-free capture card, do not need to install the driver, plug and play. First connect the capture card to the set-top box with an HDMI cable.2 Connect the computer to the capture card.

Install the capture card, the system will automatically install the 1394 driver, and then use the 1394 cable to connect the camera to the computer’s 1394 video capture card input. Then install the playback software of the capture card. Then open the software and set it up. But the best solution is: you can get someone to add a network DVR.

Video capture card is inserted in the PCI slot, install it on the motherboard after the installation of the driver, the driver is generally with the video capture software together, you install that software will monitor the BNC header plugged in can be used.

Software: 1 first capture card into the motherboard, and then enter the system to install the capture card driver. 2 and then install the software “Acoustic Studio 8”, of course, there are many video software can be made. However, Acoustic Studio 8 is relatively simple, and the capture effect is good. Finally, plug in the DV camera can be captured.

What is the best place to look for a data acquisition card?

1, the current market data acquisition card better company a is: NI, Advantech, etc. But these are foreign brands, may lead to untimely service, can not provide personalized service.

2, 1 research as well as research as well as the brand is subordinate to the Nanjing research as well as the electrical technology limited company, was founded in 2009, research as well as the electrical technology limited company in the embedded applications and development, industrial control terminals, digital new energy and other fields have a high-quality, high-level research and development team.

3, Beijing LUKE Data Technology Co., Ltd. of high-speed synchronization acquisition card is good. Ltd. of high-speed synchronous acquisition card using a short duty cycle, a variety of modulation types and key timing of the pulse waveform of the radar signal needs to provide high bandwidth, proportional sampling rate, long memory and fast data transfer measurement system.

4, of course, the general big brand companies are good, but small-scale professional manufacturers, the quality is also very good, just slightly less brand image (such as packaging, software, etc.).

How does a video capture card synchronize the game’s picture and sound signals?

Use video interface capture cards that support synchronized transmission of audio and video signals to capture the recording signal, such as HDMI capture card, SDI capture card, AV capture card, etc., because HDMI interface, SDI interface, AV interface all support synchronized transmission of audio and video signals.

Many video capture cards can capture video information while obtaining the accompanying audio, so that the audio part and the video part of the digitization of synchronous preservation, synchronous playback. 1394 interface, HDMI interface, etc. can contain both video and audio data.

Before you start synchronizing, you first need to figure out what the delay between the sound and the picture in the video is, that is, to determine whether the picture is faster or the sound is faster, and that this faster or slower is specifically a few seconds or even milliseconds. Only after determining this information can you proceed to the next step.

, open the video player, play the sound and screen subtitles are not synchronized video, and then right-click the mouse on the screen, in the pop-up right-click menu, select the sound option.2, then in the sound of the option on the right side of the pop-up menu will be a new menu, select one of the audio synchronization options.

, first install the video capture card on top of the computer mainframe to insert the capture card into any PCI slot, if you have installed other cards in the PCI slot, then it is best to be separated from this card by a slot.2 After the installation, follow the prompts to install the driver software. Set up the capture card.

Join Tencent conference how to use the video capture card

1, video conferencing capture card first inserted into the computer, and then boot to install the driver. Connect the video camera, open the video conferencing software plus video and audio devices, set the resolution can be video conferencing. If it is USB then connect to the laptop above the use of the same method.

2, tencent conference obs method is as follows: first we open obs software, click on “tools” and open the “virtual camera”. After opening, directly click on the lower right corner of the “start”. After enabling, click on the icon “+”, and then choose to create a “video capture device”.

3, first open the Tencent meeting app, click to enter the login page. Then enter your cell phone number verification code, complete the login login tencent conference, click into the fast meeting function. Then in the open video, click into the meeting. Then in the meeting room, click to enter the more, invite function.