What are the features and functions of programming languages for kids

What are the benefits and disadvantages of learning programming for kids?

Children’s programming learning is the original complex English code programming language into a graphical instruction modular way, so that games, scenarios, animation, building blocks components of the form of presentation.

Children’s programming is generally designed for elementary school and younger children programming mode, the original complex English code programming language into a graphical, instructive, modular way to allow games, scenarios, animation, building blocks, the form of building blocks to present learning. The program is designed to help children develop nine skills: observation, imagination, creativity, logical thinking, problem solving, spatial thinking, judgmental thinking, sequencing and conditioning, and debugging.


I. Big C vs. Little C Creativity

Many people think that “creativity” is a distant thing. Only a small percentage of people have it. Creativity is the preserve of Nobel Prize winners, artists, designers and inventors. But think of creativity as “Big C Creativity” and “Little C Creativity”.

“Big C creativity” is when people create something new, something that has never existed before in the world, and something that has a profound effect on people’s lives. Great artists and scientists, for example. But the truth is that most people have “small c creativity”. It is a new way of solving everyday problems.

2. Expressing it through programming

Programming is a language, a way for kids to express their creativity in the future. Just as every child learns to write as a child, while only a very few will become writers or orators, some will keep a diary or blog for the rest of their lives. Writing code in the future will also be a fluid form of self-expression, a form of writing.

The benefits and role of children’s programming

Children learning children’s programming for children’s logical thinking ability as well as the ability to improve teamwork is a very big help. It enables children to have a good competitive edge in future life and work with excellent language skills and teamwork.

The role of children’s programming

1, exercise the child’s logical thinking ability

Programming program is to split the problem, and then one problem by one problem to solve one by one. In the process of programming, the child needs to consider how to rationally arrange the execution of the program, so that the program smoothly handle a variety of input and output. This process can exercise the child’s logical ability to analyze things.

Programming for kids

2, cultivate children’s attentiveness

Finding bugs is something that every programmer has experienced, and the program is not like a human being, which can’t tolerate a single mistake. A missing letter or a difference in case, as well as the difference in punctuation between Chinese and English, can cause the program to fail to execute. Programming a program allows a child to effectively correct sloppy work.

Programming for kids

3. Exercise your child’s ability to think abstractly

Learning a programming language is like learning a foreign language. Only learning a foreign language is communicating with a person, while programming a language, is communicating with a computer. The computer is a stupid thing, it will only follow the design of the program to execute step by step. In the process of programming, the child needs to abstract concrete things into a code that the computer can recognize, which allows the child to use his imagination and hands-on practice, so that the computer does not know how to think can also understand and express the abstract things.

Children’s programming

4, training programming way of thinking

In the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence, big data, as well as the logistics network will certainly be a larger change in our life products. Behind these changes are inseparable from the computer, inseparable from programming. Like writing and reading, programming will be a basic ability we need in the future.