What is the code to break wifi password

Three ways to view wifi password

If you are using a Vivo phone, you can refer to the following information:

Check the WiFi password: You can go to Settings – WLAN – click on Connected WiFi, and use your other cell phone to open WeChat’s Sweep and scan the QR code on this page. In the pop-up page, find “P:XXXXXXXXXX;”, the character in the middle of the colon and semicolon is the WiFi password.

Note: Some WiFi is not applicable to this method, such as authentication WiFi, eap encrypted WiFi.

Sharing WiFi via QR code: you can go to Settings – WLAN – click on the connected WiFi – the QR code page will appear, and the other vivo/iQOO models can go to Settings – WLAN – click on the code icon in the upper-right corner to directly scan and connect; other mobile phones can scan directly to connect; and other mobile phones can scan directly to connect; and other mobile phones can scan directly to connect. -Directly scan to connect; other phones can use code scanning software to scan, get the password, then enter the password to connect.

Currently most models support QR code sharing WiFi function:

NEX series: NEX3S, NEX3, NEX dual-screen edition, NEX/NEX flagship edition;

X series: X90 series, XFold+, X80 series, XFold, XNote, X70 series, X60 series, X50 series, X30 series, X60 series, X60 series, X60 series, X60 series, X60 series, X60 series, X60 series, X60 series. Series, X50 Series, X30/X30Pro, X27 (V1829);

S Series: S16 Series, S15 Series, S12/S12Pro, S10 Series, S9/S9e, S7t, S7e/S7e Energizer, S7, S6, S5, S1/S1Pro;

iQOO models: iQOOZ7, iQOOZ7x, iQOOZ7x(m), iQOOZ7i, iQOONeo7 Competition Edition, iQOO11 Series, iQOONeo7SE, iQOONeo7, iQOOZ6, iQOOZ6x, iQOO10, iQOO10Pro, iQOOU5e, iQOONeo6, iQOOU5x, iQOO9/iQOO9Pro, iQOOU5, iQOONeo5S/iQOONeo5SE, iQOOZ5/iQOOZ5x, iQOO8/iQOO8Pro, iQOOU3x, iQOONeo5 Energizer, iQOOZ3, iQOONeo5, iQOO7, iQOOU3, iQOOU1x, iQOO5 series, iQOOU1, iQOOZ1x, iQOOZ1, iQOONeo3, iQOO3, iQOONeo855 Competitive Edition, iQOONeo855 Edition, iQOOPro, iQOONeo, iQOO;

T series: T2x, T1/T1x;

Tablet: vivoPad;

Y series: Y35m, Y355G, Y76s (t1 version), Y73t, Y52t, Y75s5G, Y77e (t1 version), Y77e, Y32t, Y77, Y33e, Y72t, Y33s, Y10/Y10 (t1 version)/Y10 (t2 version), Y32, Y55s, Y31s(t2 version), Y74s, Y54s, Y76s, Y50t, Y71t, Y30g/Y30 Energized version, Y70t, Y53s series, Y51s, Y31s standard version, Y31s, Y30 standard version, Y52s(t1 version)/Y52s, Y3s, Y30, Y73s, Y70s, Y50, Y9s, Y5s, Y7S;

Other models: Z6, U3, Z5i, U3x, Z5/Z5x.

wifi password psk after the display of the English code how to solve

1. wifi hotspot default initial password is admin;

2. users are able to set their own wifi hotspot name and password;

3. to know the wireless hotspot router password, you can ask the person who set up;

4. to dillydallying words can be Download some dabbing software can be, but dabbing is not to crack the password, dabbing software is to get the wifi password shared by users to connect the router to the Internet.

There are two kinds of wifi passwords:

1. The wireless cat password comes with the back of the body or a location on the body, into its settings interface can be changed, the default is admin

2. Wireless routers need to enter the router settings interface to change

These two kinds of wireless passwords do not have a fixed form.