What is the meaning of the distance to null?

WeChat, shake always shake to null, what does it mean also

It means that your shake function is banned

WeChat is blocked

1.WeChat is blocked there is no hint, only the limitation of the function.

2. If the violation is serious, the login will be restricted.


The first time you are blocked, you can wait for one day, but the second time you are blocked, you will have to wait for a longer period of time.

Self-help unblocking

Enter WeChat and click on the “Me” option at the bottom right corner of the WeChat page, click on it;

Click on the “Settings” option in the interface, click on it;

Click on the “About Us” option in the interface, click on it;

Click on the “About Us” option in the interface, click on it.

Click on the “About WeChat” option in the interface;

Click on the “Help and Feedback” option in the interface;

Click on the “WeChat Official Website” option in the interface;

Pull to the bottom of the screen, click on the interface of the “self-help to lift the login or function restrictions” option, click to enter;

Enter the blocked WeChat account

Enter the verification cell phone number

Enter the verification code

Get the cell phone verification code, fill in the can.

Satisfied with the please adopt Oh ~ have other questions can continue to ask!

How far is the shake null distance

There is no distance limit.

Shake a shake is the system automatically selects people who shake their phones at the same time, since it is the same time, there are naturally a lot of people shaking their phones at the same time all over the country, so shaking hundreds of kilometers away is quite normal.

Shake, a WeChat random dating application. By shaking the phone or clicking the button to simulate a shake, you can match the same time to trigger the function, thus increasing the interaction between users, and soon after the WeChat Shake Shake Shake Shake has added the function of transferring pictures and searching for songs.

WeChat on the shake why always shake to null nicknames, this is how

null is the null value, that is, did not shake the results of the meaning.

WeChat shake, shake to the person whose nickname shows null

Maybe because you shake too many times or too often, suggest that you wait a while before shaking, or through other ways to add friends.

What does wechat null mean

Taking wechat v7.0.18 as an example, null in wechat means blank in computer language, indicating that the value is null, invalid, equal to zero.

WeChat (wechat) is a free social program launched by Tencent on January 21, 2011 to provide instant messaging services for smart terminals. WeChat supports cross-communication carriers and cross-operating system platforms to quickly send free (consuming a small amount of network traffic) voice messages, videos, pictures and text over the network, and also allows you to share streaming content by using the profiles and location-based social plug-ins such as “Shake”, “Drift Bottle”, “Friend Circle”, “Public Platform “, “Voice Notepad” and other service plug-ins.

WeChat provides a public platform, circle of friends, and message push, etc. Users can add friends and pay attention to the public platform by shaking, searching for numbers, scanning QR codes, and then adding friends and paying attention to the public platform by scanning QR codes. Users can add friends and follow public platforms through “shake”, “search number”, “people nearby”, and scan QR code, while WeChat will share content with friends and share the exciting content users see to WeChat’s circle of friends. As of December 2016, WeChat’s monthly active users had reached 889 million.On June 20, 2018, WeChat Subscription was officially revamped and launched. WeChat was planned and launched by Shenzhen Tencent Holdings Limited (TencentHoldingsLimited) in October 2010, and built by the product team of Tencent’s Guangzhou R&D Center.

What does the Internet buzzword null mean

Null means breathless.

Null originally meant invalid, worthless, empty. Nowadays, the internet language null is an online expression that means speechless, meaning you can’t communicate with you.

In computers: null is a value that has a reserved value in a computation and is used to indicate that a pointer does not reference a valid object. Programs often use null pointers to indicate conditions, such as the end of a list of unknown length or that some operation was not performed; this use of null pointers can be compared with the value Nothing in nullable and option types.