What to do if you have forgotten your User Account Control password

What should I do if I forget my computer user account password?

When the WindowsXP/2000 login password is lost, we can use different methods for different situations to solve the problem:

(1) If the Administrator password is set to empty when installing WindowsXP. You can press F8 to enter Safe Mode when the system is booting, where the Administrator password is empty and you can enter directly, and then set the account and password after entering.

(2) If the Administrator passphrase is set, the way to decrypt it is:

Method 1, set a new password with the password reset disk

After logging in to WindowsXP in Safe Mode, press the “Ctrl+Alt+Del “

The “Windows Security” window appears, click on the option “Change Password” button to change the password window. In this window, backup the current user’s password, click the “Backup” button in the lower-left corner, activate the “Forgot Password Wizard”, and follow the prompts to create a password reset disk.

If you enter an incorrect password in the WindowsXP login window, a “Login Failed” window will pop up, and if you really can’t remember what your password is, you can click on the “Reset” button to start the Password Reset Wizard. If you really can’t remember what your password is, you can click the “Reset” button to start the Password Reset Wizard, and then reset your password through the password reset disk you just created, and then log in to WindowsXP.

Method 2: Use software to change your password

The two software programs, WindowsKey5.0 and WindowsXP/2000/NTKey, can change the password of the Administrator to 12345 automatically, and then log in with this account after restarting the system. After restarting the system, log in with this account, and then in the “Control Panel” users, and then re-edit the administrator password can be.

Software name: WindowsKey5.0

How to use: After running the program, it will generate three files: txtsetup.oem, winkey.sys, and winkey.inf,

Copy them to a floppy disk to make a WindowsKey disk. Then boot your computer using the WindowsXP installation CD, and during the boot process press F6 to let the system install the third-party drivers. At this point, putting in the WindowsKey diskette will automatically jump to the WindowsKey interface, at which point it will forcefully change the password for Administrator to “12345”.

Software name: WindowsXP/2000/NTKey

How to use: Use it to make a driver diskette; then use the installation CD-ROM to start the computer, press “S” during the startup process, insert the driver diskette, and then the password of the system administrator account administrator will be changed to 12345.

Method 3,

A. Boot WinXP, and press “F8” to bring up the system boot menu, select “Boot with WindowsXP”, and then press “S” during the boot process. Select menu, select “Safe Mode with Command Line”;

B. When the operation stops, there will be a list of “Administrator” and other users in the selection menu (in this case, the other users to xpuser01 as an example). This is the command to change the user’s password, the “1234” in the command is the new password after the change, if the typed user does not exist (xpuser01), then the system will automatically add this user.

D Alternatively, you can use the “net1oca1groupadministratorxpuser01/ADD” command to elevate xpuser01 to superuser status, which gives you all the privileges.

E. The last step is to restart the computer and enter the new password you just changed in the login window.

Method 4, there is, you can use the super Windows2000XP system maintenance CD-ROM – ERDCommander2003. use the CD-ROM to start the system, run the Start → Management → Tools → password change command open the ERDCommander2003LockSmithWizard window, in the account box, enter the account name to be cracked, and then enter a new password is ok.

What should I do if I forget my computer password?

Now the computer password forgotten is not a big problem, Pin code login or Hello login can be, but forget the password to how to reset it? Today, we will tell you how to reset the computer password has been forgotten, remember to collect, may be useful to get the day Oh!

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Go to the login screen and select Pin Code or via WindowsHello, to log into the system. Right-click on the Windows icon and click WindowsPowerShell (Administrator) (A)

If the page pops up with a User Account Control prompt, click Yes to proceed to the next step.


Enable the built-in Administrator account by typing netuseradministrator/active:yes in the box and pressing Enter.

Next log out of the laptop and log in using Administrator

If the Administrator account has not been set with a password then we can change the password after logging in to the Administrator account by holding down the Windows+R keys and typing netplwiz in the prompt box and clicking OK.


Select the account you are currently using again, select the Reset Password option, enter the new password and click OK.

After setting the new password, log out of the laptop and log in to the system using the original account as well as the newly set password.

If you need to turn off the built-in Administrator account, after successfully logging in to the original account, reopen the command prompt, type netuseradministrator/active:no, and then press enter on OK.

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