What’s wrong with a flickering cell phone screen

What is the reason for cell phone screen flickering

The reasons for cell phone screen flickering are screen quality problems, operating system problems, power supply problems, screen connection problems and so on.

1, screen quality problems

Screen quality problems are one of the main reasons for cell phone screen flicker. If you buy a low-priced or poor quality cell phone, the screen quality may not be very good and flickering may occur.

2. Operating system problems

Problems with the operating system may cause the cell phone screen to flicker. For example, if the version of the operating system on one’s cell phone is too old, it can cause some applications to not run properly, which can lead to screen flickering.

3. Power problems

Problems with power can also lead to a flickering cell phone screen. If the phone battery is too old or damaged, it may lead to unstable voltage changes, thus affecting the stability of the screen.

4. Screen connection problems

Screen connection problems may also cause the screen to flicker. For example, if there is a problem with the phone’s screen connection (e.g., it is loose), it may cause the screen to flicker.

Mobile phone screen protection methods introduced:

1, regular cleaning

Mobile phone screen stained with conductive substances, easy to drift or touch the screen does not reflect the situation. Usually pay attention to regular cleaning of the phone screen, pay attention to the surrounding environment when using, away from liquid, oil and other dielectrics.

2, avoid putting together with hard objects

Mobile phone screen is easy to be scratched by hard objects, wear and tear, leaving scratches, affecting the beauty and use of the phone. Therefore, you should avoid putting your cell phone with keys, coins and other items to prevent the screen from being scratched.

3, pay attention to waterproof

Please keep your phone away from water sources to prevent it from getting into the water, and don’t use your phone in high temperature and high humidity environments, such as: rainy days, saunas, bathrooms and other places.

What is the reason for cell phone screen flicker

The reason for cell phone screen flicker; voltage instability caused by the screen drifting back and forth, software and system conflict problems caused.

1, cell phone screen, also known as the display, used to display images and colors. Referring to the screen color is essentially the concept of color scale. The color gradient is the index standard that indicates the brightness of the cell phone display, which is usually referred to as the color index.

2, voltage stability is the power system in the rated operating conditions and suffered a perturbation after all the buses in the system are continuously maintain an acceptable voltage ability. Voltage is what drives the directional movement of charge to form current. Current is also able to flow in a wire because there is a difference between a high potential and a low potential in the current.

3, caused by software and system conflict problems, is a possible conflict in programs when two or more software are running at the same time, causing one or both of them to fail to work properly.


Software conflicts come in many forms, but they always fall into two main categories: unintentional software conflicts and malicious software conflicts. For example; the same kind of software, installed more, the most likely to produce conflict, two similar functions of the software, it is best to install only one, the other uninstalled. Because, “like repels like, like attracts like”.

What’s the matter with cell phone flashing screen

If you are using a Huawei cell phone and find that your cell phone suddenly has a flashing screen problem when you are using the cell phone, you can troubleshoot according to the following:

1. Human body’s static electricity interferes with the display signals in a dry environment

Because of the human body’s static electricity interferes with the display signals when the environment is dry, the cell phone system has the function of auto-correcting errors, and will return to normal in a few seconds. The system will return to normal in a few seconds; if not, please try restarting the phone to confirm.

2. Application compatibility issues

If you are using an application that causes a splash screen, it is recommended that you back up your data in advance, uninstall the application, and then download the latest version of the application from Huawei’s app market or replace it with another application of the same type.

If the above solutions don’t help you, we recommend that you back up your data in advance (third-party apps such as QQ and WeChat need to be backed up separately), and go to your nearest Huawei Customer Service Center to get help.

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