Where is the eraser in the word table

Where is the word eraser

Demonstration brand model: Lenovo SAVIOR R720; System: Windows 10; Software: office2020.

1, the erase option is the eraser function, which can be found in the design options.

2, open the Word document on the computer, click the page toolbar on the insert option.

3, select Insert Forms, click Design Options, you can see the Erase option.

WORD document to draw the form inside the form to erase the eraser where ah?

1, open the word document, the drawing of forms, the following figure for the word has been drawn in the form.

2, click on the form drawn, in Word above the toolbar will appear in the “Form Tools” option.

3, in the “Form Tools” option to find the “Erase” option.

4, click on the “erase” after the form has been drawn to modify it.

word document eraser tool where

We make tables in Word, we can use the eraser to erase the excess, is a very useful tool. That word document eraser tool where? Take a look at it ~

word document eraser tool where?

1, open the word document editing page, select a form, click on the upper toolbar [Layout].

2, enter the layout settings page, click the eraser icon can be.

This article to Huawei matebookx as an example applies to windows 10 system MicrosoftOfficeword2013 version

Word eraser function in which

In Word03, the location of the eraser:

In the toolbar in a blank place, right-click the toolbar, click the pop-up menu of the “Forms and Borders” to bring up the “Forms and Borders” toolbar and then click the second button, which is the “Erase” button. toolbar, and then click on the second button, that is, “Erase” button.

In Word07, the location of the eraser:

In the selection of the inserted form, there will be a “Design” toolbar, there will be a row of tool buttons, the last is the “erase” tool, click on this “Erase” tool, and then in the form of the need to erase the location of the box line click, you can erase.

The function and use of the Eraser:

The function of the Eraser is in fact similar to the function of merging cells. But the specific use of more convenient. The method of use is: click the eraser tool, and then in the form of the need to erase the location of the box line click, you can erase the form of the form of the box line.