Where the word table count is displayed

word how to like excel, selected numbers, will automatically display the total in the lower area? Thank you

word the upper left corner of the small triangle point “customize the quick access toolbar”, select “other commands”, from “all commands” in the find “Calculate” added to the Quick Access Toolbar, select the word in the number of multiple figures will be displayed in the lower left corner of the total number of it.

Display effect

word in the table how to count


1. Requirements for calculating the number of values in the table.

2. Move the cursor to the cell where the results of the calculation, and then click [Layout] – [Formula] option button.

3. Through the previous step, the system pops up the [Formula] dialog box.

4. In the previous step, the system pops up in the [Formula] dialog box, in the [Formula] below the dialog box, enter the formula = COUNT (ABOVE), enter the completion of the click on …

5. Return to the document, through the above steps, the form of numerical counting work is completed, END

Why word form inside some of the figures can not be seen?

It is because of the form settings, to solve the specific steps are as follows:

The materials to be prepared are: computer, Word document.

The 2010 version of the Word document as an example:

1, first of all, open the Word document needs to be edited, go to the edit page.

2, and then right-click the table to open the “set cell formatting”.

3, and then click in the pop-up window to select the number of “text”, enter to determine.

4, and then re-enter the numbers in the form will be able to show all.

How come word count doesn’t show up anymore

No count bar is turned on.

The solution is to click the left mouse button and uncheck the [Show start screen when this application starts] option shown in the General tab.