Where to find computer wireless card settings

Where is the wireless network card?

1, right-click “my computer” – “Management”; click Device Manager – Network Adapters; select click Network Adapters -View whether wireless, wifi words inside the description of the card (specific wireless card models of different descriptions are different, but the wireless card is to have the above words).

2, laptop wireless card is generally installed in the motherboard PCI slot. To see the wireless card must be dismantled, generally turn the machine over, remove the battery, and then remove the screws to see the card.

3, Question 1: Desktop computer host installed in the wireless card where to find the wireless card is divided into USB, PCI, PCIE, motherboard integrated wireless card. You can download the [driver wizard] and then use the driver wizard to install the driver of the wireless network card. Then set up in the network connection to connect to the wireless network to find it.

4, the wireless card is generally installed in the motherboard PCI slot, so to see the wireless card to be dismantled.

5, the location of the notebook’s wireless card is as follows: carefully viewed on the front or side of the notebook, you will find the switch to turn on the wireless card.

6, the notebook’s wireless card, may be directly affixed and soldered to the motherboard.

How to set up the laptop wireless card?

1, using the highest speed setting supported by the device

Enter the router setup interface and set the parameters of WIFI. Set the speed of the wireless network to the highest speed supported by the network device, that is to say, if the device supports 802.11N, set to 802.11N, if it supports 802.11G, set to 802.11G, and try not to set it to 802.11g+a/b in this form.

2. Set MIMO Enhanced Mode

If your wireless router supports MIMO Enhanced Mode, please check this option in the setup interface, and then set the “Bandwidth” to “20/40MHZ” (select the highest). setting). However, not all MIMO-enabled routers have this option, so if you don’t see it, just set the bandwidth.

3. Enable QOS control

If you see the option 802.11e/***QOS, consider enabling it. On a LAN, if you have too many students downloading, using PPS to watch Netflix, or using a P2P program, even if the signal is good, downloading and surfing the web will be very difficult, so enabling QOS control will be much better.

4. Manage your wireless card

Now many laptops have 802.11N wireless cards, and with 802.11N wireless routers can theoretically reach 300M network speeds, but sometimes the card needs to be set up. Right click on “Computer” in the start menu and select “Manage”. If you are an XP user, you can right-click on the desktop “My Computer” and select “Manage”.

5. Check if 802.11N is enabled

Find Device Manager in the management interface and locate the wireless card. Take a look at the “Advanced” tab in the Properties and check if the 802.11N mode is set to “Enabled”. Also, set “Throughput Enhancement” to “Enabled” and set the channel to “Auto” or the highest setting.

How to set up a wireless network card

Summary: Wireless network card needs to be under the wireless coverage of the wireless LAN, through the wireless connection to the network for Internet use. The use of wireless network card is very simple, first plug in the device, install the driver, the driver is installed, check the driver of the wireless network card and the Internet protocol is normal, and finally connected to the WIFI can realize the Internet. The use of wireless network card, pay attention to please do not privately dismantle the card device, do not put the device into the fire, the next and I came to understand the use of wireless network card precautions it. How to use the wireless card

1, the wireless card will be inserted into the computer, find the wireless card corresponding to the driver installation package, install the wireless card driver. Some wireless cards come with a driver installation function, insert the card and wait for the installation can be.

2. After the driver is installed, select the computer icon on the desktop of your computer system, right-click on the computer icon, and select “Properties” to open the Properties dialog box.

3, find the device manager, and click, enter the computer’s device management interface.

4, in the network adapters to find the USB network card device, if this device driver is not installed, there will be a yellow flag, you need to reinstall, if installed, right-click on the wireless card’s Internet protocol, check whether to meet the current network requirements.

5. After detecting the driver of the wireless card and the Internet protocol is normal, enter the wireless management interface, search for wireless signals, find the corresponding WIFI signal, enter the password, and connect to the network.

What to pay attention to when using a wireless LAN card

1, correctly unplug the wireless LAN card

Before disconnecting the device from the computer, please close the application of the MODEM, and if it is connecting to the network, disconnect from the network first, and then close the program. You should utilize the function of Secure Hardware Removal in Windows system to stop the wireless LAN card before unplugging it. You can refer to the following steps:

(1) Disconnect the Internet connection.

(2) Double-click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the lower-right corner of the computer screen to bring up the “Safely Remove Hardware Devices” interface.

(3) Select “NECPCItoUSBOpenHostController” to stop the hardware associated with the wireless Internet card.

(4) When prompted “It is safe to unplug the device from the computer”, unplug the Wi-Fi card.

2. Please do not disassemble the card device privately. If you have any questions, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the device, or call the manufacturer’s hotline directly.

3, such as network card equipment in the use of the antenna, please pay attention to the light pulling and shrinking.

4, please do not use chemicals to clean the surface of the card equipment, can be appropriate with a damp cloth with water can be wiped.

5. Please do not drop the NIC equipment, so as not to cause the equipment can not be used normally.

6, do not use the equipment in any flammable and explosive environment, do not put the equipment into the fire, so as not to cause danger.

7, please keep the equipment warranty card properly, in order to avoid the trouble of later maintenance.

8, the computer motherboard must support the expansion, to have a USB interface, and the USB interface needs to be more than 2.0, some of the old machine may not be applicable.

9, the wireless card has a certain signal emission range, generally within 10 meters of the signal belongs to a strong area, if beyond the range, it is recommended to use a broadband connection.

10. If you find that you can’t connect to the Internet, please check the IP settings and NDS settings; the IP is usually set to auto, and DNS is recommended to fill in your broadband operator’s DNS server address, so that you can browse smoothly.