Win7 remote desktop connection port number

What ports need to be opened to connect to a remote desktop?

Connecting to a remote desktop requires the opening of port 3389. x0ax0a Generally, after the Web server is placed on the public network, some in order to facilitate remote operation, so open the remote desktop connection. This is very insecure, hackers in the scanning server opened port 3389 after many are using this port to launch attacks. In order to reduce the risk and want to use the remote desktop connection, a relatively simple method is to modify the remote desktop link port 3389. x0ax0a Remote Desktop Terminal Service default port is “3389”, in order to prevent others from malicious connections, you need to change the default port. To do this, open the registry editor (run regedit) and expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\x0aCurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp” branch, under the “PortNumber” key. PortNumber” key value corresponds to the port number, change it. After the above settings are completed, you need to expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Controlx0a\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp” branch, also under the “PortNumber” key value to change. For example, you can change the port to 8080, or to 443 or other ports, which can mislead hackers to think that this is the port of the proxy server or HTTPS port. x0a So how to connect to the remote desktop after modifying the port? In fact, it is very simple, in the IP followed by a colon and then with the port can be good. For example:

What is the port number for remote desktop connection?

The default remote connection port is 3389, you can follow the following method:

This port is easy to be utilized to invade your computer, so it is best not to open it, usually common to open the remote desktop is also open this port. Common dangers, such as planting Trojan horses.

Expanded information

1, when a computer opens the remote desktop connection function we can control the computer on the other end of the network, through the remote desktop function we can operate the computer in real time, install software on it, run the program, all of which seems to be directly in the operation of the computer as well.

2. This is the biggest feature of Remote Desktop, which allows network administrators to securely control the unit’s servers from home, and because it is built-in, it should be easier and more flexible to use than other third-party remote control tools.

3. At the same time, because Windows Remote Desktop requires a separate IP address for the computer at the controlled end, and a high level of computer sophistication on the part of the user, it is less suitable for ordinary users.

Win7 remote desktop port how to modify

We are using the Win7 system, the system has a remote desktop function can be remote control of our computer. But this function is more likely to cause attacks, generally in order to avoid this situation we will modify the port number. The following is the method to modify the remote desktop port in win7, let’s take a look at it.

Modify the method as follows:

1, click the Win7 start menu, in the “Search Programs and Files” box, type: regedit.exe and then enter.

2, in order to expand: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp] in the expansion of the tcp after the right side of the key to find the following picture.

3, double-click on the “PortNumber”, click on the “decimal”, and then modify the “value of the key value” in the 3389, for you want to change to the port number you want.

4. Click “OK” to close the firewall after the change, and finally restart your computer to take effect.

The above introduction is about win7 modify the remote desktop port method. If you also want to modify can try the above method Oh, I hope to help you.