word form how to invert the order of printing

In WORD how to turn the contents of the table up and down? (That is, up and down the order of inversion)

You can add a table outside the auxiliary figures, and then sorted, the specific operation process is as follows:

Required materials: Word.

One click on the form, and then enter the “Design” option, click on the “Draw Form”. “Drawing Forms”.

Two, in addition to the original form to draw a table, and manually fill in a column of figures.

Three, go to the “Layout” option, click “Sort”.

Four, the main keyword to use “column 3”.

Fifth, the type of use “digital”, click “descending”, click “OK”.

Fifth, go to the “Design” option, click on “Erase”.

seven, the last auxiliary columns to erase the completion of the table above and below the content of the flip.

Printer word documents from the last in order to print forward, how to debug in order to print in the normal order

1, in turn, click on the “office button” in the pop-up drop-down option “word options”; pop-up Word Options dialog box, select “Advanced”, select “Print” under the reverse order of printing check box can be, as shown in the figure. Word Options dialog box, select “Advanced”, select “Print” under the reverse print check box can be, as shown.

2, set up the reverse order of printing caused. Check the file print settings and printer settings. According to different printers, the “reverse print” checkmark removed or in the options will be “reverse print” modified to “sequential printing” or “Normal Printing” can be.

3, first of all, open the Word document, click on the top left corner of the Office button, click on the drop-down menu within the “Print”. Open the print window, click the bottom left corner of the “Options”. Select “Advanced”, find the print item, and check the “reverse print page”, click “OK”.

4, open this need to print from the last page of the word document, first open the print window. In the print window to the right of the printer’s name there is a property of the word button key. Now this interface is the printer properties of the window, in the properties of the window above the location of the left-click to select the page settings.

word in the table, how to reverse the order between the lines

For example, the first line of the above table and the second line of the swap, the setup method:

1, select the first line (or select the second line);

2, hold down the Shift


Alt key, press the down arrow key (or up arrow key) can be achieved.

3. The effect after setting is shown in the figure.