word table grid lines do not show up

Word2010 how to bring up the hidden form grid lines?

Older versions of Word such as 2003, the form to remove the border have to show a faint grid lines, so that it can be easy to control the location of the boundary of each cell.

But Word2010 is the default in the form of grid lines can not be seen, which gives the form of adjustment caused by the inconvenience.

1. Sample of the form with a border as follows:

2. Remove the form after the border, there is nothing, do not know where the boundaries of the cells.

3. Then Word2010 how to call out the form of the grid lines?

In fact, it is very simple, in the “border line” tool, click on “View Gridlines” button.

4. Form of the grid lines is not out?

wps form in the grid line is missing how to tune out?

1, open a wps form in the interface can be seen in the cell is a white, the default grid line disappears.

wps2, if you want to restore the original grid line display, you need to click the interface arrow pointing to the upper-left corner of the German “File” next to the pop-up menu point “Tools”, and then click the “Options” logo. Options” logo.

wps3, in the pop-up Options window, click the View tab, find the grid line logo arrow. Tap in front of the grid lines, so that the front with a check mark, and then tap “OK”.

wps4, after this setting can be set after the grid lines have been displayed in the form.

wpsIf you also encountered a wps form in the case of the disappearance of the grid lines, you follow the above steps to set up on it, I hope it is useful to you!