Word table highlights a column

word form the last column ran outside

1, first of all, open the document need to set the table format.

2, second in the document inside the good to the need to set the form, and click the form of the upper-left corner of the cross icon, so that the form into the editing interface.

3, after entering the form editing state, click on the toolbar inside the layout options.

4, and then in the Layout tab to find the automatic adjustment, and click on the arrow icon below.

5, and finally in the pop-up options layout options according to the content of the automatic adjustment of the form or fixed column width, the right to narrow the column width of the form can be.

Why is there a vertical column on the left side of the table in the word document?

The reason may be the cell settings in the indentation character settings. The solution is as follows:

1, open the computer, and then select word click to open.

2, select open other documents, open the target file.

3, find the top paragraph tab.

4. On the right side of the Paragraph tab, click the drop-down button in the image.

5. Just set all the indentation option values on the left and right to zero.

Word document form to insert columns, beyond the part of how to operate

For example, the above form beyond the right margin of the page, adjust the method:

Method 1:

1, the cursor will be placed in the form;

2, click the form tool layout —- Auto Adjustment —- according to the window to automatically adjust the form;

3, set up the effect shown in the figure.

Method 2:

1, the cursor will be placed in the lower right corner of the form, when the mouse pointer becomes oblique with an arrow shape when the mouse and drag the mouse to the left;

2, when the dotted line box to the desired location when the mouse can be released.

word table suddenly more than a cell, how to delete.

Select the table, right-click and select Form Properties —– OK ——– Options —- check “Allow breaks across pages” — OK. See if you can display the same form on the second page of the content.

How to add a row or column in the middle of a word document table?


Computer, word


First of all we take out the computer, find the word, and then click to open the word.


We are inside the word inside the upper toolbar to find the option of the table, click on it, and then there will be the following second picture shows, insert – -The table option, click to open.


There will be a small box, click OK to create a three-column, two-line form.


Choose a cell at random, click the right mouse button, there will be the following first figure of these options, click on the split cell, there is a small box in the second figure, enter the number of split. As shown in the figure enter the split number 2, then the original form becomes the third figure.


Similarly, you can split the number of rows, the result is the second figure below.

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