word table how to continue the number format

word document how to defer numbers

After inserting a table in word, you want to code the rows of the table. That word document how to extend the number? Take a look at it~

word document how to extend the number of

1, select the need to extend the number of figures, click on the numbering option, click on the custom numbering.

2, after selecting the number, click Customize.

3, the number format after the removal of the point, click on OK to extend the number.

This article to ASUS Chosen 2 as an example applies to windows 11 system WPSofficeV11.1.0.11115 version

How to draw a table in WORD to make the numbers consecutive

1, in the WORD document to create a table, the next step is to add the serial number in the form of the first column on the left.

2, first of all, the left side of this column is fully selected. Mouse and then click the Start tab, and then click the drop-down button of the number.

3, in the pop-up content, and then click: Define new numbering format.

4, the pop-up panel, in the number format here, the 1 right to remove the dot, and then click OK.

5, then, the selected column that is automatically added to the consecutive numbers.