word table how to narrow left and right

How to reduce the word table?

1, open the word document, we click on “page layout” – “margins”.

2, in the margins of the drop-down menu, we click on the “narrow”, or click on the “custom margins”, choose to set narrower margins.

3, the following chart, the margins from wide to narrow, our form will be placed on a page inside.

4, we can also drag the border of each cell, the cell shrinkage to the required width can be. This will also shrink the word form.

5, as shown in the figure is that we completed by adjusting the size of each cell to change the settings.

word form how to resize

Sometimes Word form size is not satisfactory, and not beautiful. So Word form how to adjust the table size? Take a look at it.

Open the need to adjust the size of the form of Word documents;

Method one will be placed on the form of the mouse pointer on the border line, when the pointer will become a double arrow, press the left mouse button and drag the form of the line, it can be adjusted to the width or height;

Method two will be the cursor to move to the lower right of the table, until the table appeared in the lower right side of a small box, press and hold the left mouse button and drag, you can adjust the overall size of the form;

Method three will be the mouse cursor in the form of content, click the right mouse button, select [Form Properties]. Form Properties dialog box pops up, change the values of rows and columns, and click [OK] to adjust the size of the form.

How to set page indent for tables in word?

In MicrosoftWord, you can set the page indentation of a table by following these steps:

1. Select the table you want to set the page indentation of.

2. Select the Layout tab in the top menu bar.

3. In the Layout tab, find the Indent group.

4. In the Indentation group, you can set the page indentation in two ways:

-Use the Left Indent and Right Indent buttons: Click on these buttons to increase or decrease the left and right indentation of the form. You can click on the arrows on the buttons or manually enter a value in the text box to adjust the size of the indentation.

-Use the Table Indent button: Click this button to open the Table Indent dialog box. In the dialog box, you can set the left indent, right indent, first line indent, and special indent options for the table.

5. Adjust the indentation values or options according to your needs.

6. Determine the settings, click the “OK” button, the form of the page indentation will be applied.

Through the above steps, you can set the page indentation of the form in MicrosoftWord. I hope it will be helpful for you! If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask.