word table repeat content across pages

How to set the same content repeated on each page in word

1, first of all, we click to open Word, in which we insert a table and enter the relevant figures, as shown in the figure.

2, we click to select the first line.

3, and then right-click to select the table properties.

4, the pop-up interface, we select the line, and then will be repeated at the top of each page in the form of the title line check, and then click OK on it.

5, after that, when we keep inserting rows, in the second page of the table header will be the same as the previous.

word document form paging text repeat display how to do?

The first step: select the form, right-click and select “Properties”, enter the properties settings interface.

The second step: select the line, the bottom of the “at the top of each page in the form of a title to repeat” check, click “Confirm” button to complete the setup.

WORD a form across the page how to produce two lines of the same text

In the first page with the mouse to select the two rows of the table header, right-click, select the form properties —- line, there is a “in the top of each page in the form of the title of the check box, hit the check mark, OK OK. If there is a cross-page, it means that the header line is too big, a page can not be loaded. Note that when selecting the header can not bring the carriage return.

word in the form of the same line of two cells, the right side of the text more across the page, the left side of the text less cells across the page how to display the same content in the second page.

Open the Form Properties dialog box, click on the line options, the “Allow cross-page breaks” option hook, OK on it